Review: BUSTA RHYMES – “Blockbusta”


That Busta Rhymes is one of hip-hop’s most towering figures is not in dispute. His rap is the essence of the East Coast and this “BlockBusta” is yet another demonstration of the power of his character.

Not a masterpiece, let’s clarify right away, but full of elements of vitality that bring it into continuous dialogue and contamination with dancehall, Afro beat, reggae and inevitably trap.

Perhaps behind all this experimentation there is a super work team that includes super producers such as: Pharrell Williams, Timbaland and Swizz Beatz.

The result is 19 tracks with a cast of colossal guests that sometimes work while other times seem stuck there without a precise overall vision. There’s something for all tastes from Quavo to Kodak Black, from Burna Boy to Coi Leray, from Bia to Young Thug, from Da Baby to Cool and Dre, from Chris Brown to T-Pain and many others.

Just the feats. stellar are the limit of this “BlockBusta”. An overly messy patchwork which, if on the one hand it should have been the strong point, turned out to be the main weakness of the whole thing!

SCORE: 6.00


Luxury Life – The Return Of Mansa Musa – Roboshotta


One pass is all there is to it, maybe something isn’t brilliant, but listenable!


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