Shocking news: 80s pop icon Buzy found dead! Fans devastated by tragic loss


Renowned singer Buzy, who rose to fame in the 1980s with her hit song “Body Physical,” has passed away at the age of 66.

Marie-Claire Girod, known as Buzy and the voice behind the 1980s hit “Body Physical,” passed away on Tuesday, November 14th in Paris, according to her close circle. She was 66 years old.

Buzy made a name for herself in the 1980s with the release of “Body Physical” in 1986, along with other hits like “Dyslexique,” “Baby-boum,” “Adrian,” and “I Love You Lulu” (the latter was supervised by Serge Gainsbourg).

Although she faded from the mainstream in the 1990s, Buzy continued releasing albums. She made a brief comeback in 1995, opening for Michel Sardou at L’Olympia, coinciding with the release of her best-of album.

After briefly leaving the music industry in the early 2000s to work as a psychotherapist, Marie-Claire Girod returned to music in 2005 with an album titled “Borderlove,” composed by Daniel Darc, Jay Alanski, and Alice Botté. In 2011, an album titled “Tous Buzy” paid tribute to her, with independent artists performing her most popular songs.

Her latest album, “Cheval fou,” was released in 2019. She also published an autobiography titled “Engrenages.”

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