Review: RENATO ZERO – “Self-portrait”


“Self-portrait” is a cuddle for the soul. Renato Zero once again, with his story, empathy and stylistic and musical kindness, takes us into his universe and his world.

Yet another unpublished page of his rich artistic production and over fifty years of musical career. Thirteen songs, including some songs already heard in the live version (That beautiful nothing, Fortunato, The adventurer, Free hearts and Zero a Zero) which find their studio version for the first time, for an hour of good Italian pop music.

Pieces of his experience, his memories, his places and his unchanged desire for passion and freedom that open with a love postcard, dedicated to his Rome and his faithful people of Zerofolli, and close with a nursery rhyme Christmas which is a message of hope for a better tomorrow, which sweeps away the mists of wars and hatred. In between, some of the artist’s most sincere and ferocious autobiographical pieces, true hymns to life, but also the heartfelt dedication to a dear friend and the continuous confrontation between public and private of a Renato who decided to split himself from 1966 until to date.

“SELF-PORTRAIT” is still a piece of this Zero-mosaic – says Zero himself – but this time I myself am sifting through it.

I feel the need to look inside myself, to evaluate my resistance. Checking how much autonomy I still have and how much patience my beloved audience has. Thanks to those who had the courage to follow me, to understand my “uncomfortable” uniqueness, to help me transform a difficult adolescence into a truly exciting challenge.
Stay close to me and I will anchor you: honesty and respect.

Even musically the album is a self-portrait of Zero’s universe. Incredible care in the sounds, arrangements and melodies in a perfect performance of Italian pop music created by a team of top-level musicians. Music that accompanies Zero’s voice and narration which continues to be enchanting. familiar and still manages to enter the soul and heart of its admirers.

Always immense Renato!

SCORE: 7.00


That beautiful nothing – Let it be love – Life


Let yourself be pampered by Renato, trust me, don’t skip anything…


That beautiful nothing
Here we are
The adventurer
I wouldn’t change you
Let it be love
Zero to Zero
So tenacious
The echo
The wound
Free hearts
Perpetually white


1973 – No! Mom, no!
1974 – Inventions
1976 – Trapeze
1977 – Zerophobia
1978 – Zerolandia
1979 – EroZero
1980 – Truce
1981 – Arctic Antarctica
1982 – Via Tagliamento 1965/1970
1983 – Heat
1984 – Leoni is born
1984 – Identikit Zero
1986 – Lost Subjects
1987 – Zero
1989 – Voyeur
1991 – Zero’s conscience
1993 – Passport for Fonòpoli
1993 – When you no longer belong to anyone
1994 – The imperfect
1995 – On the trail of the imperfect
1998 – Love after love
2000 – All the Zeros in the world
2001 – The angel’s curve
2003 – Capture
2005 – The gift
2009 – Present
2013 – I love – Chapter I
2013 – I love – Chapter II
2016 – Alt
2017 – Zerovsky – Only for love
2019 – Zero the crazy
2020 – Zerosettanta
2023 – Self-portrait



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