Marracash and Guè accused of bowing before the boss Nazzareno Calajò


Marracash and Guè accused of bowing before the boss Nazzareno Calajò

Today we talk about Marracash and Guè not for the music, not for a hypothetical Santeria 2, but because they ended up under the spotlight of the Milan Prosecutor’s Office. Marra and Guè are not under investigation, but their names ended up in the file because they allegedly bowed before the drug boss, Nazzareno Calajò known as Nazza.

Nazzareno Calajò was arrested in July on charges of drug trafficking and in September he was placed under house arrest. According to the prison police, “lhe Calajò family dominates the Barona neighborhood and its dominance was achieved also thanks to the consent of part of the resident population, fueled by numerous appearances of the main exponents of the criminal family in the video clips of famous rapper singers such as Guè Pequeno, Marracash and Young Rame whose theme the main one is the ostentation of luxury, easy money and the glorification of violence”.

On July 10, during Guè’s concert at the SNAI Hippodrome of San Siro in Milan, the rapper publicly greeted the boss: Born free! Free Nazza! One hand up”, while on September 21, 2022 on the stage of the Assago Forum Marracash greeted both Nazza and the boss’ son, Alessandro. “I want to thank the people from my neighborhood who came to these evenings. Mattia, Kalash, Momo and above all the great uncle Nazza. A hug!” Marra says on stage and then bows.

As reported by Il Fatto Quotidiano, immediately after Marra’s “bow”, Luca Calajò, present at the concert, would have invited messages to Nazza’s aunt and wife: “Make a video, the uncle thanking Marracash, he greeted him in front of everyone, have the uncle make a video”.

It also seems that in June the Nazzas had created t-shirts with the words “Nazza Libero”, “Truth for Nazza” and that they had asked Marracash to wear one, he initially refused, but, again according to what was reported by Il Fatto Daily, Nazza would have called him a “traitor and an infamous” and in the end Marra would have worn the t-shirt.


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