Ricky Merino opens up about his friendship with Lola Indigo: “It hurt me”

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Noemí Galera said it in an interview with WECB: “The normal thing is that they leave the Academy and see you later Mari Carmen. They have lives and they stop seeing each other, but there is something inescapable that will unite us forever and ever and that is the experience of Triumph operation”. And that’s exactly what happens to them. Ricky Merino and Lola Indigo.

They both agreed on OT 2017 and they strengthened ties after leaving the program. However, with the passage of time and the subsequent success that the singer of Broken heartsthe relationship changed, as Ricky Merino revealed in the podcast human animals.

It all started with a notice from the musical actor, who is also a musical actor. “When she showed me the model of I don’t want anything anymore“I was afraid of losing her,” says Merino, remembering that everything changed when the band project that Lola was going to do with Agoney, Nerea and Raoul didn’t come together. “The little group thing didn’t work out in the end and I told him: I don’t want anything anymore It’s going to be a resounding success, I just ask that you don’t forget the people who have been by your side from the beginning.”.


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Things changed as Lola Indigo’s status grew more and more in and out of the music industry. Ricky Merino didn’t have a good time, he didn’t understand why his friend was walking away. “I told her that I missed her, that we hardly saw each other, and she told me something that at that moment made me feel bad, but then I thought that she was right,” he points out in this interview.

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A friend in the distance

At one point, Ricky Merino also reveals the words that Lola Indigo herself told him when he felt like he was losing his friend. “’For me you are a friend who, even if we don’t see each other for a year, if I see you next year one day the relationship will be the same,’” he explains. “I didn’t want that, I wanted to see her every day, and it hurt me. But then I realized that it is true that it is like that when I see it again. The last time was earlier this year. Yes, I went to the presentation of her album, I went to the Wizink Center…I love seeing her when she succeeds, but there I see Lola Indigo, I’m not with Mimi”.


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