Russian Red premieres “I Don’t Understand Anything”

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The Spanish artist premiered her most recent single.

The artist’s Spanish indie folk project Lourdes Hernandezbetter known as Russian Red come back with “I don’t understand anything”, after his last single “This is a Volcano”.

The new stage of Russian Red It is based on the premise of making music for the pleasure of transmitting, infecting and moving. This stage proposes a return to the very origin of the songs and a search for truth in art, something that has also always characterized Russian Red.

This time and completely in Spanish, Russian Red combines some of its references such as melancholic pop with a timeless touch like an old photograph you find in a shoe box, or the tone of the movies David Lynch with an irresistible melodic piece in which he is accompanied by the voice of Luichi Boy. “It’s true, I like you the same as always,” he sings. Lourdes in the chorus of the song. Impossible not to agree.

Russian Red, has been one of the great voices of Spanish music so far this century, also being a pioneer in international tours and success in the Anglo-Saxon world. Her appearance on the music scene at the end of the 2000s was an earthquake that shook more than one person and left no one indifferent.

Discs like Love Your Glasses (2011), Fuerteventura (2012), Agent Cooper (2014) and Karaoke (2017), which have been the ones he has published so far, are part of the pop classics in Spain.

For a long time Lourdes honors creative freedom, launching into producing and sharing music whenever it feels right, challenging the structures established by an industry that demands speed and immediacy in musical productions. And to our surprise, these latest songs that he has been publishing will be part of a new album that promises great emotions and that the artist is working for all her fans.

The video clip of “I don’t understand anything” It was directed by filmmaker Joana Colomar where we see Lourdes with a very 50’s and 60’s style and where the vignettes and actions have a very old celluloid cinematographic tint in keeping with the song.


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