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Singer Sandra Nkaké will meet you on October 3, 2024 for her next concert in Paris, planned at the Trianon.

Sandra Nkake announces a new concert, scheduled at the Trianon (Paris) on October 3, 2024. Places are available via the organizer’s website.

This concert will indeed be a new opportunity to present on stage Scarshis latest album to date. “This album is intimate, but not personal, in the sense that I do not recount moments of my life in detail” explain Sandra Nkake in an interview with the editorial staff. “It is intimate in the sense that I transform emotions that have had a very strong impact on me musically. I think that the intimate is political. In the writing phase, which was done with four hands, it was first necessary to answer the question “what constitutes me? ”. There is a whole mille-feuille to be found there. »

Before that, the singer will join forces with Jeanne Added, Carmelia Jordana and L (Raphaële Lannadère) to revisit a cappella a selection of protest songs at La Philharmonie de Paris on June 11, 2024.

Sandra Nkake will also give other concerts across France:
  • January 24: Grand Théâtre (Albi)
  • February 3: Theater Michel Galabru (Béziers)
  • February 9: Cultural space of The Hague
  • March 9: Espace Michel Croz – EMC2 (Chamonix)
  • March 15: The new wave (Saint-Malo)
  • March 16: The music barn (Creil)
  • March 22: Silver Square (Ponchateau)
  • March 23: Le Vallon (Landivisiau)
  • March 29: The blue orange (Eaubonne)
  • April 4: Paul B Cultural Center (Massy)
  • May 24: The Fire Boat (Dunkirk)

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