Sandra Valero’s performance at Junior Eurovision 2023: a journey to dream and say ‘Loviu’

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16 countries have traveled to Nice (France) in search of acquiring the mini crystal microphone in its twenty-first edition of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023 under the word Hero with Tony Aguilar and Julia Valera as presenters. Spain has been responsible for kicking off the Song Festival with Sandra Valero as a representative of our country.

At only 11 years old, the artist wanted to make it clear on the French stage that His work and talent deserve to conquer all of Europe. She already stated a few days ago that she was not nervous and that she wanted to leave her mark in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. And so she has done it. The Valencian has arrived with her Loviu and he has given everything with this song that talks about expressing feelings in any language.

Sandra Valero’s performance

From what we have seen in rehearsals, to what has been experienced on the stage in Nice (France), there have been few changes. Sandra Valero wanted to reach everyone with her Loviu and bring this very significant word in any language to the hearts of the entire public.

To do this, Valero needed only three minutes, more than enough time in which to take his staging to the top. During her performance, the representative of Spain has invited us to dream and imagine traveling around the world. The artist has used a total of 56 different shots with which she has teleported us to her world.

Sandra Valero has appeared on stage sitting on a suitcase and a background of stars that has progressively lit up and represents the beginning of her dream from the roof of her room.

At that moment, Sandra was alone on stage, but little by little she was surrounded by her dancers as if they were going to climb steps to be teleported to her world to say in every way ‘I love you’. After that, she gave us a great moment, dancing her famous Loviu Challenge, followed by a party with all his friends.

The play of lights also takes on great prominence. And Sandra dreams of traveling from her room; that her friends accompany her to different places in the world; and she has ended up getting off the plane and inviting the public to join her party.


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