Estopa confirms its stadium tour to celebrate its 25th anniversary: ​​when and how to buy tickets

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For a few days now, all Estopa fans are revolutionized. And is not for less! The Muñoz brothers shared two videos on social media in which everything indicated that a stadium tour was coming. A bomb that they dropped without warning and with which they managed to fill the heads of all those who have followed them since their beginnings back in 1999 with illusions.

Everyone dreams of power sing from the rooftops some of their iconic songs as Red wine, Like shrimp, Through the slit of your skirt either Your heat, among other. Almost a quarter of a century later, it seems that this is going to happen. And David and José will take to the stage again in 2024 to celebrate their 25th anniversary in music.

When and where will the Estopa concerts be in 2024?

Two dates, two cities and two stadiums: so we could define what is coming. Barcelona and Madrid will be the destinations where Estopa will stop in 2024 to offer us two unique shows. They will be in the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium and in the Metropolitan Cívitas, correspondingly. Two clues that they already gave us a few days ago and that were confirmed again this Saturday.

Likewise, it was through Specifically it will be on June 22, 2024 at the Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium and, just a week later, July 10, 2024 They will hold their second concert at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona.

Two unique concerts with which they will celebrate their 25th anniversary in style. And it is that, they will be about two of the shows that the most people will welcome in his entire career. Well, it must be taken into account that the Atlético de Madrid stadium has a capacity for approximately 50,000 people, while the Barcelona stadium hosts 56,000 spectators.

How to buy tickets for the Estopa tour in Madrid and Barcelona

This same Saturday, Estopa has put an end to the doubts of all his fans. And, in addition to revealing the dates for its only two stops in 2024, it also They have announced when the tickets will be released today..

Also, you won’t have to wait long. Pay attention! This next Thursday, November 30 from 10:00 p.m. hours, tickets will go on sale to enjoy a unique show. It will be on the music group’s own website where they can be purchased.

Regarding the prices, they have not yet been known, although it will be during these days when they will come to light.


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