SANREMO 2024 – ANGELINA MANGO: In my life I will always leave some space for boredom


Boredom is the song that Angelina Mango will compete at the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival.

The song is written by Angelina Mango with Madame and composed by the two songwriters together with Dardust, who also takes care of its production with EDD

A contemporary Mexican cumbia in which the singer-songwriter plays with contrasts: starting from the pressing and energetic rhythm on which her voice moves in apparent contrast with the title.

“La noia” (LaTarma Records, distributed by ADA / Warner Music Italy) is an introspective piece and reflects Angelina’s approach to life, the awareness of how it is made up of positive and negative moments and how the whole range of feelings are part of our existence.

An urban folk production for this piece that combines elements of tradition and contemporary sounds, with also incursions into the musical imagination of the Balkans (with violin and classical guitar). “La noia” shows a new side of Angelina, which once again extends her artistic boundaries and her musical influences.

In this song which continually dances on different registers, Angelina Mango photographs in a sincere and ironic way the condition of boredom and its importance in the lives of all of us: boredom is “time”, time available to do the things we love and which allows us to recognize the value of life that oscillates between positive moments and negative moments.




I got into a giant smoothie and this blender is going to get even more giant in the next few days.
However, I am ready, prepared and excited for the experience. I feel like a little girl waiting for Christmas!

All these years I have worked for this. But I am strangely experiencing the wait with great tranquility.
I don’t have high expectations because this only increases the tension
I prefer this state of amazement and surprise and we’ll see what happens.


We didn’t write Boredom thinking about Sanremo.
When we finished the audition we immediately understood that it could also work in Sanremo. There is energy, vitality, but also heaviness and vocality in the piece.
I have a song that I believe in, I believe in myself, I believe in the team around me and I am surrounded by people I trust.

The only variable may be the performance. I will be afraid and anxious but I am also convinced that the stages are healing.
When I go on stage I feel better and well, Sanremo is the top of healing stages.


I like that the song is melancholy with a very poignant melody. In the construction of the piece there is a whole material side that can be felt. Kind of like the Gipsy Kings meeting Maluma.
Imagine the material aspect that comes out together with the urban sounds.


Boredom usually comes when you’re feeling good, when you’re at peace.
Moments of boredom are nothing more than precious time to dedicate to ourselves.
I am much more serene and bored in a positive way

In my life I will always leave some space for boredom, it is certainly not a waste of time.


I will return to the stage with a club tour. We’ll take another trip to Italy.


I have always experienced Sanremo in an active way. I did my multiplication tables with my grades.
I have always loved the tradition of Sanremo and I experienced it firsthand with my family


At Sanremo 2024 “La noia” by Angelina Mango is transformed into an opportunity to discover new things. During the Festival it will not just be a simple state of mind, but a real bargaining chip: how much boredom are you willing to exchange to fill it with new activities?

Angelina’s “La noioteca” was born in the city center: a place that offers unusual activities, linked to the world of the singer-songwriter, to be experienced by investing one’s minutes of boredom.


An incredible year for the singer-songwriter revelation of the new music scene, who stands out for her versatility: she plays on different registers and her repertoire ranges from pop to urban, passing through traditional songwriting. Her music is the reflection of her impetuous soul, that of a young woman who wants to find the true essence of her.

In November 2022 Angelina Mango joined the Amici di Maria De Filippi school, where she presented several unreleased songs and began to build step by step a career destined to achieve important results: “Will to Live”, “Empty Hands” and “We’ll think about it tomorrow”, in fact, introduced the singer-songwriter to the general public, who immediately appreciated her for her ability to connect with the emotions of others. During the final of this edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi, Angelina won the singing category,

In May he released his album “Voglia di vive” – ​​certified gold – containing the record-breaking song “Ci pensiero Tomorrow”, which recorded over 75 million audio and video streams and was certified triple platinum.

After the success of Amici and the experience of the first big stages performed in the summer on the occasion of the main summer festivals, in October 2023 Angelina Mango released the single “Che t’o dico a fa’”, which confirmed the unstoppable success of the singer-songwriter : 51 million total audio and video streams, platinum record, best female debut of 2023 upon its release, also at the top of the social charts of the most used songs on TikTok for the creation of content through the use of the official sound of the song.

On 1 December 2023 he published the unreleased “Fila Indiana”, part of the soundtrack of “We are legend”, the new series broadcast on Rai2 and Prime Video.

Confirming her success, a total of 200 million audio and video streams have currently been recorded for Angelina and her music has also collected incredible numbers on social platforms: only on TikTok is the sound of the song “Che t’o dico a fa'” it has recorded over 200 thousand uses, reaching the top of the entertainment platform rankings since October.


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17 April 2024 – MILAN (FABRIQUE)
October 26, 2023 – RONCADE, TV (NEW AGE CLUB) – SOLD OUT


11 October 2024 – ROME – ATLANTIC
14 October 2024 – NAPLES – HOUSE OF MUSIC
16 October 2024 – MOLFETTA (BA) – EREMO CLUB
19 October 2024 – NONANTOLA (MO) – VOX CLUB
21 October 2024 – FLORENCE – TUSCANY HALL
22 October 2024 – PADUA – GRAN TEATRO GEOX

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