Corridor announces new album, ‘Mimi’

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An album about “getting older” and “discovering new facets of life.”

Corridora band originally from Montreal, will release Mimitheir fourth album and second under the label Sub Pop, next Friday, April 26. The album was produced by Joojoo Ashworth (Dummy, Automatic) and mastered by Heba Kadry It will have a total of eight songs.

The tracks on this album were composed entirely by Corridorwhile the letters of Mimiwho shares a name with the cat Jonathanwere written by the latter.

In this new job, Corridor seeks to move away a little from the concept of being “a guitar band.” They allowed themselves to experiment and diversify the nuances in each song to enrich their music in detail. This is noticeable by having touches of classic post punk and electronic textures.

Berthiaume describe Mimi as “an album about ‘getting older’ and ‘discovering new parts of life’.” The song “Mourir Demain” is an example of this stage of growth and development that has had Corridor in recent years. Songs like this allow us to see the way they perceive issues such as the impending mortality that we all possess.

Here you can see the video of “Mourir Demain”, advance of Mimi.

Definitely, Mimi It promises to be an album that reflects the freedom and experimentation that the members of Corridor in its composition. Throughout each of their songs, they promise to take you from one nuance to another through each of them.

Besides, Corridor will go on an international tour to present Mimiwhich will include his participation in the first edition of the Pitchfork Music Festival in Mexico City on March 9.

Starting April 26, you can purchase Mimi through Sub Pop, Bandcamp and Spotify.

1. “Phase IV”

2. “Mon Argent”

3. “Jump Cut”

4. “Camera”

5. “Chenil”

6. “Porte Ouverte”

7. “Mourir Demain”

8. “Film”


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