SANREMO 2024 – DARGEN D’AMICO: “High wave” between immigration and resilience


High wave is the title of the song with which Dargen D’Amico will compete at the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival.


High wave it is a profound piece that talks about immigration and resilience and tries to capture the historical moment we are living in, revealing the importance of finally facing problems, also looking for ourselves in other people.


On the occasion of the duets evening, scheduled for Friday 9 February, he will perform together with the BabelNova Orchestra paying homage to the music of the great Ennio Morricone.

BabelNova Orchestra is a new project, in form and spirit, which follows the path of one of the most fascinating and pioneering stories of world music (and not only) in Italy of the last 20 years, capable of crossing opera as well as cinema , musical theater and classical music: the Piazza Vittorio Orchestra, conceived and created in 2002 by Mario Tronco and Agostino Ferrente within the Apollo 11 Association.

Led by double bass player Pino Pecorelli, BabelNova Orchestra is a group of 12 musicians from all over the world who have chosen to dedicate themselves to a distinctive path of research into new musical languages. A group that evolves towards the more collectivist form of the ensemble to the detriment of the hierarchical dimension of the orchestra. With the inclusion of some younger, second generation musicians in the group, the musical expression also opens up with absolute freedom towards new directions, including more funk and urban sounds but maintaining a solid world inspiration: Mediterranean pop, Sufi reminiscences, jazz horns, rocking guitars, hints of cumbia, mariachi explosions, dub rhythms constitute an exhilarating vortex generated by the meeting between the sirocco and the meltemi, the hurricane and the zephiros.

I discovered the musicians of the BabelNova Orchestra artistically about ten years ago, when they played in the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio.

I really liked this sound that comes from the dialogue between cultures and I continued to follow the evolution of their stories with curiosity.

I feel a strong passion for photographs and they are a photograph of the world and of how music is a continuous journey back to the tradition of every culture”


What began with “Onda alta” is a complex project, which is made up of many pieces that fit together, a puzzle that revolves and is built around the human being.

From this perspective, the project leaves the stage of the Sanremo Festival and takes to the streets, among the people.

Starting from Tuesday 6 February, in Piazza V. Muccioli 16 in Sanremo, “EDICOLA DARGEN” will open, a point where you can dialogue and exchange information, emotions and experiences.

Talks will be held every day starting at 6.30 pm together with Maura Gancitano and Andrea Colamedici of Tlon, a cultural and philosophical research and dissemination project. Prominent exponents of the world of information and representatives of humanitarian organizations will alternate inside the newsstand, day by day.

Furthermore, every morning starting from 10 am, an in-depth magazine will be distributed free of charge, created in collaboration with Tuorlo Media, focused on the themes of the song competing at the Festival and containing a serialized comic created by the well-known cartoonist and illustrator Daniel Cuello.



“CIAO AMERICA” consists of 13 tracks and includes special collaborations with Guè, Rkomi, Beatrice Quinta and Vincenzo Fasano.

The new album is a project resulting from the creative work that has always pushed DARGEN D’AMICO to write words to music, in an attempt to give order to the vortex of thoughts and reflections, often also addressing current issues but always with an ironic and thoughtful. The artist’s ability to draw on the Italian songwriting tradition is constant, while remaining focused on continuous and tireless research that passes through genres – from electronic to pop to classical music. This new recording project finds surprising solutions, confirming the singer-songwriter’s talent in blending heterogeneous sounds and moving within the music by playing with the meaning of the words. A complex, layered album, which embraces various themes and highlights the anxieties that belong to all of us, implementing a timely and astute analysis of contemporary society, showing the deceptions of a world that makes us increasingly cynical and disillusioned.


After the great success of the previous tour with “NEI SOGNI NOSNUNO È MONOGAMO”, which saw him tread the most prestigious stages in Italy, Dargen D’Amico will start from the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome on 30 September, passing through Milan at the Teatro Arcimboldi on October 1st, October 9th at the Dehon Theater, finishing on October 11th at the Bolivar Theater in Naples.

On stage with him are his trusted musicians and collaborators Gianluigi Fazio, Edwyn Roberts, Tommaso Ruggeri and the multi-instrumentalist Diego Maggi.






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