SANREMO 2024: Here are all the duets

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Amadeus announced the duets for the evening of Friday 9 February on Viva Rai 2.


Alessandra Amoroso with Boomdabash with a medley;

Alfa with Roberto Vecchioni with Dream, boy, dream by Vecchioni;

Angelina Mango with the string quartet of the Orchestra of Rome with La rondine by Pino Mango;

Annalisa with La Representative di Lista and the Coro Artemia with Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics;

BigMama with Gaia, La Niña and Sissi, in Lady Marmalade;

i Bnkr44 with Pino D’Angiò with Quale Idea; Clara with Ivana Spagna and the children’s choir of the Teatro Regio of Turin with The Circle of Life;

Dargen D’Amico with the BabelNova Orchestra in a great tribute to Ennio Morricone;

Diodato with Jack Savoretti with Love You Come, Love You Go by Fabrizio De André;

Emma with Bresh in a medley by Tiziano Ferro;

Fiorella Mannoia with Francesco Gabbani in Che sia benedetta and Occidentali’s Karma;

Fred De Palma with Eiffel 65 in an Eiffel 65 medley;

Gazelles with Fulminacci in Night before the exams by Antonello Venditti;

Geolier with Guè, Luchè and Gigi D’Alessio in Strade, a medley of songs;

Ghali with the well-known Tunisian producer Rat Chopper in a medley entitled Italiano Vero;

Il Tre with Fabrizio Moro in a medley of Moro’s hits;

Il Volo with Stef Burns in Who Wants to Live Forever by Queen;

Irama with Riccardo Cocciante in When Love Ends;

i La Sad with Donatella Rettore in Lamette;

Loredana Bertè with Venerus in Ragazzo mio by Luigi Tenco;

Mahmood with Bitti’s Tenores in How the Sea is Deep by Lucio Dalla;

Maninni with Ermal Meta in You Did Nothing;

Mr.Rain with the Different Twins in Mary;

Negramaro with Malika Ayane in Battisti’s Song of the Sun;

Renga and Nek in a medley of their songs;

the Ricchi e Poveri with Paola and Chiara with Sara because I love you and Mamma Maria;

Rose Villain with Gianna Nannini in a medley;

Sangiovanni with Aitana in a medley of Butterflies and Mariposas;

the French Saints with Skin in Hallelujah;

The Kolors with Umberto Tozzi in a medley of Tozzi’s greatest hits.


Ghali = “My home”

Alessandra Amoroso = “Up to here”

Gazelles = “That’s all”

Ricchi e Poveri = “But not all of life”

Dargen D’Amico = “High wave”

Angelina Mango = “Boredom”

Fred De Palma = “Heaven doesn’t want us”

Fiorella Mannoia = “Mariposa”

Loredana Bertè = “Crazy”

Mr Rain = “Two Swings”

Geolier = “I p’me, tu’pte”

negramaro = “Let’s start everything again”

Rose Villain = “Click Boom!”

Mahmood = “Gold tracksuit”

Diodato = “You move”

Annalisa = “Sincerely”

Il Volo = “Masterpiece”

Emma = “Apnea”

Renga & Nek = “Crazy about you”

La Sad = “Self-destructive”

Irama = “Not you”

Big Mama = “Anger is not enough for you”

The Kolors = “One boy, one girl”

Sangiovanni = “Finish me”

Three = “Fragile”

Alpha = “Go!”

Maninni = “Spectacular”

Clara = “Diamonds in the rough”

French Saints = “Love in the mouth”

bnkr44 = “Punk Government”



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