“Too Much Scenery”, the new release from Ponte Pilas

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“The people’s band”, Ponte Pilas, presents “Too Much Scenery”, a preview of their new EP.

Get your batteries band of Scottish/Ecuadorian origin based in Berlin composed of Ismael Rivera, Calum Bolland, Daniel Rivera and Alejandro Iturraldeprepares the launch of his new EP From Boca Vista and he gives us the single “Too Much Scenery” which is added to those previously released “Working to Much” and “In Vino Veritas”.

The creation of this single, like the EP, was carried out in Madrid to count on the work of Lucas Stonewinner of a Grammy and with mastering by Victor Garcia with the aim of creating songs that hook your ear and exploring deep themes through catchy choruses that can be enjoyed both in recording and in live performances.

Under the title of “Too Much Scenery“, “The People’s Band” presents the characteristic sound of Get your batterieswhich fuses classic indie rock in the style of The Strokes with prominent guitar beats accompanied by energetic drums. At the same time, the lyrics of the song become an allegory of anti-capitalism in which it satirizes consumerism.

Get your batteries will release on February 9th via Pianola Records, From Boca Vista, a work in which the band expands and experiments with its sound, with which it goes from the classic style of indie rock to the ballad, and even exploring a theme closer to the style of the Beatles and in which his lyrics address topics such as existence, anti-capitalism and heartbreak.

You can hear now”Too Much Scenery” in Spotify and Bandcamp.

1. “Too Much Scenery”
2. “In Vino Veritas”
3. “Working Too Much”
4. “For A While”


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