SANREMO 2024 – MAHMOOD: “Tuta Gold” is a journey between present and past


Gold suit is the song with which MAHMOOD will participate in the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival.

Mahmood returns to Sanremo for the third time after having won the event twice, in 2019 with “Soldi” (4 platinum discs) and in 2022 with “BRIVIDI” (7 platinum discs) paired with Blanco.
The song, written and composed by Mahmood and Jacopo Angelo Ettorre, also features Francesco Catitti as the composer while the production is by Madfingerz and Katoo.

We met her during the pre-Sanremo press conference where she also presented her new album of unreleased songs “NEI LETTI DEGLI ALTRI” due out on 16 February 2024.


Gold suit is the piece that fully represents my new album “NELETTI DEGLI TRI”.
I think it’s the right song for Sanremo.

I would go back every year to Sanremo, it’s the best stage to make a song known.

The song was written this summer after going to a rave in Berlin.
Coming back from the evening I met with some friends and started to outline the song.

It’s as if it were a return to my past but seen in a positive way.
A real journey between present and past that best represents my emotional maturity.

A difficult past, even on the streets, which however helped me become who I am now.


It’s a totally new song compared to the ones I brought to Sanremo in past editions.

It all revolves around a baile funk beat, not to be confused with reggaeton which has a different sound structure, which moves to a club rhythm.
It will definitely be fun!!!


On the evening of Friday 9 February dedicated to covers, he will perform the song “Come è profound il mare” by Lucio Dalla, accompanied by the Tenores of Bitti Remunnu ‘e Locu, a historic tenor singing group.

Born in 1974 in the town of Bitti, in the province of Nuoro, the choir – made up of four solo male voices – has become an ambassador of traditional Sardinian singing, helping to spread this musical genre of thousand-year-old origins. The Tenores have numerous collaborations with various artists on the international scene such as Lester Bowie, Ornette Coleman and Frank Zappa.

In 1996 they released their album S’Amore ‘e Mama, produced by Peter Gabriel and distributed by his record label Real World Records. In 2007 the members of the group were awarded the honor of “Knight of the Italian Republic”.



Intimate and introspective, “IN THE BEDS OF OTHERS” is a search into the mysterious depths of feelings.

I started writing the album a year ago.
The bed is my safe haven, the place where we bring the people we love.
The bed is the place that made me think so much. the place of self-analysis.

I’ve been through a lot of beds over the years. Hotel beds, house beds, my house bed, my mom’s bed.
The bed has many meanings and I have tried to tell many different life pictures.

The personal space of the bed becomes an amplifier of common emotions, it is a place and a symbol where everything happens: we sleep, we dream, but we also stay awake to think, suffer, love, read, observe, and time takes on various speed. In the confines of the bed we confront ourselves and explore human relationships; the microcosm made of sheets and pillows becomes a setting for life, the metaphor of a home in which you can take refuge, a safe place to which you know you can always return.

We could talk instead of imagine
in other people’s beds to forget us
It just does more
We stay far away to get closer

This is kind of the fundamental phrase, the key phrase of the whole album.

With “NEI LETTI DEGLI ALTRI”, MAHMOOD presents new sides of himself and his way of making music, telling himself more and more authentically. With an empathetic narrative, which also speaks in images, the album presents an accurate and multifaceted aesthetic that goes to the essence of things, examining in depth the wonderful – sometimes cruel – dynamics of relationships, together with everything that they move.

The album is the result of a journey and research also in terms of sounds and production, where the influences and special collaborations that followed Mahmood’s trips abroad can be found. With an international flavour, “NEI LETTI DEGLI ALTRI” is a continuous experimentation in which, taking inspiration from moments of real life, the artist weaves the plot of his songs making them vibrate in an artistic and sound dimension with multiple contaminations.

On the album I work with different producers and there are also various feats. Among these also a song with Tedua and Chiello. It’s the first song where I don’t sing the chorus sung by Chiello who in my opinion is one of the best young talents around.


The cover artwork was once again entrusted to the visual artist and photographer Frederik Heyman, who – with his surreal imagery created with the aid of 3D technology – collaborated with the most important international stars. The path begun with “COCKTAIL D’AMORE” is renewed.


The artist has just announced the first dates of the SUMMER TOUR 2024, which will see him protagonist of the Italian summer festivals from July 19th, not before having crossed all of Europe with his EUROPEAN TOUR, starting on April 4th, which will end with two dates in Italy, at the Fabrique in Milan, scheduled for 17th (sold out) and 18th May.


19 July 2024 – Bologna – Sequoie Music Festival – Parco Caserme Rosse
20 July 2024 – Cervere (CN) – Anima Festival – Amphitheater of the Soul
12 August 2024 – Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD) – Sunset Festival – Arena Alpe Adria
14 August 2024 – Forte dei Marmi (LU) – Bertelli Live – Villa Bertelli
18 August 2024 – Gallipoli (LE) – Oversound Music Festival – Parco Gondar/Pineta
20 August 2024 – Catania – Sotto il Vulcano Fest – Villa Bellini
21 August 2024 – Palermo – Teatro di Verdura
23 August 2024 – Roccella Jonica (RC) – Roccella Summer Festival – Teatro al Castello


4 April 2024 – Rockhal, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
7 April 2024 – Kentish Town Forum, London (UK)
8 April 2024 – Olympia, Paris (France)
10 April 2024 – Komplex 457, Zurich (Switzerland)
12 April 2024 – Thonex Live, Geneva (Switzerland)
13 April 2024 – Live Music Hall, Cologne (Germany)
15 April 2024 – Paradiso, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
16 April 2024 – Cirque Royal, Brussels (Belgium)
18 April 2024 – Im Wizemann, Stuttgart (Germany)
21 April 2024 – Huxleys Neue Welt, Berlin (Germany)
22 April 2024 – Stodola, Warsaw (Poland)
8 May 2024 – Riviera, Madrid (Spain)
9 May 2024 – Razzmatazz, Barcelona (Spain)
11 May 2024 – Sala Mamba, Murcia (Spain)
12 May 2024 – Pazo de la Cultura, Pontevedra (Spain)

17 May 2024 – Fabrique, Milan (Italy) sold out
18 May 2024 – Fabrique, Milan (Italy)




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