SANREMO 2024: report cards and comments from the second evening (Live)

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Sanremo Festival 2024 kicks off. Today, February 7, the second evening of the fifth Amadeus Festival. All 30 of the big names in the race performed.

Co-host of the second evening will be Giorgia.


Giovanni Allevi

The Casadei Orchestra and the New Santa Balera Orchestra

From the Suzuki Stage where we find Rosa Chemical

John Travolta

From the Costa Smeralda Bob Sinclar

The cast of Mare Fuori


Emma presented by the French Saints – “Apnea”

Emma changes clothes, without necessarily pleasing. Apnea has a great beat, build, and Emma has all the ability to take charge of it. On the second listen she convinces without any ifs or buts, singing it like a timeless nursery rhyme.

Rating – 8

Gazelles presented by Bunker 44 – “That’s all”

gazelles 070224

Gazzelle and his ‘what do I care’ attitude, and all the intensity of a refrain that stays with you. Knowing how to write about love a bit like Daniele Groff, with all the essentials that are needed.

Rating – 7

The flight presented by Rose Villain – “Masterpiece”

flight 070224

Il Volo is modernized by embracing more pop tones. But we didn’t deserve the flower in the desert. On the second listen it takes on a less tacky appearance… even though this whole masterpiece becomes a bit boring after a while, yet de gustibus: We could have done without it.

Rating -5

Dargen D’Amico presented by Diodato – “High wave”

dargen 070224

We believe that artists have an active role in society, since it is the artist who shows society to itself – cit. The night that changed pop. Despite the up tempos, the “Where we dance” that were, the “High wave” that remains in our heads, Dargen’s strength is to describe what surrounds us with raw photographs. There are too many of us for life jackets on the boat.

Rating – 8

Alpha presented by Mr Rain – “Go”

alpha 070224

Alfa is in a good mood… with sounds that wink at one of his racing companions… Guess who?. A song to listen to with a beer in hand perhaps with the window down without too much traffic, at 25 it’s ok and then Alfa go.

Rating – 6

Renga Nek presented by La Sad – “Crazy about you”

renga nek 070724

Sanremo classic with a voice that falters afterwards. Nothing new. We would have expected more, however “Crazy about you” risks falling into oblivion quickly. Applause for Nek who carries the performance on his shoulders. You don’t know how much I would like to do without it… don’t tell me

Rating – 5

Fred De Palma presented by Ghali – “Heaven doesn’t want us”

fred de palma 070224

Urban pop that focuses entirely on a chorus that convinces on the second listen. A love heart sun with movement of arms in time, with intercom melodic interweavings. Even just for a moment… stay in your ears.

Rating – 5

7. Emma presented by the French Saints
8. Mahmood presented by Alessandra Amoroso
9. Big Mama presented by Il Tre
10. The Kolors presented by Angelina Mango
11. Geolier presented by Fiorella Mannoia
12. Loredana Bertè presented by Sangiovanni
13. Annalisa presented by Maninni
14. Irama presented by Ricchi e Poveri
15. Clara presented by the Negramaros



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