Taylor Swift’s private jet that wants to remain private and hidden

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Talk about Taylor Swift as one of the world’s biggest music megastars would probably be an understatement. Everything that the American artist mobilizes and generates garners headlines and the attention of the main media around the world. Even if it’s about a ‘trivial’ topic like her private jet.

The singer’s legal team has sent a cease and desist letter to an Internet user who kept a live online record of where Taylor’s private plane was before it reached the rest of the planet.

Among the reasons given in this recently presented letter are, obviously, security reasons. Knowing at all times where she is going and where she has been could allow the most ‘motivated’ followers to try some crazy action on the artist.

The artist’s law firm also claims that it is something private. It is not the first time that Taylor Swift has to face stalkers who make her life impossible to also provide them with a treasure map that allows them to track her.

The curious thing about the matter is that the company’s cease and desist message arrives just a few days before the soloist had embarked on one of the most important flights for her. One that was going to take her from Japan (where she will be with her all this week). The Eras Tour) to Las Vegas (where he will be present at the final of the superbowl of your partner).

Today there are several ‘radar’ pages that locate different flights around the world but apparently none were as precise as this one, which could have brought serious consequences to the music diva. Now we will have to wait to see what happens with this warning.

Because if he had not taken action on the matter, the return flight from his tour to his football home (the Kansas City Chiefs) would probably have been the most sought after, located and followed in recent history. Much more than the thousands of people who saw how one of his soccer players (Iñaki Williams) returned from an international competition (Africa Cup of Nations).

The phenomenon generated by that trip is such that the Japanese embassy has already confirmed that there will be no delay time with the Las Vegas – Tokyo that will make Taylor Swift the queen of the 2014 Super Bowl.


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