SANREMO 2024- THE KOLORS we are a 3D band that becomes 4D with the orchestra


The Kolors will be competing at the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival with the song A boy a girl.

The band made up of Stash, Alex and Dario returns to the Ariston stage with a song that brings with it the electronic sounds, the funky groove and the kick in four of which The Kolors have already made a trademark.

“A boy, a girl” is the photograph of a first meeting, in which each of the two parties must leave aside the fear of taking the first step and find the courage to really let go.

In these moments the head seems to slow down what the heart would instinctively push us to do, in search of that continental idea that takes us away from the embarrassment of breaking the ice.

In the age of social networks where the first approach often starts from a virtual contact, such as a like or a view of a story. The Kolors perfectly describe these moments with writing full of evocative images, which voluntarily leave room for the imagination on what could happen after that meeting.


It was written in multiple work sessions and has had a thousand different versions. The track started a year ago
We were in the Central Station in Milan and were waiting for a train when we saw a boy trying to approach a girl.

We observed that scene and we liked to build a song that talked about the concept of breaking the ice offline in a world that now offers purely online meetings.

We liked the idea and fictionalized the song around it.


We didn’t want to repeat Italodiscobecause it would have been too difficult to ride our biggest hit.
The song was born before our hit and therefore was not influenced by our incredible success.

At the same time we wanted to make people perceive the palette of sounds typical of our band. The Kolors sound.
Let us, in this moment, be this.

In terms of sounds, the song winks at Prince’s guitars with Al Jarreau’s horns. Our goal is to be and remain a funk band

We paid a lot of attention to the instrumental part, the arrangement and the production. The music and its harmonization with the orchestra was a priority of this piece

We decided to write ad hoc string lines for the song which have their roots in the disco of the seventies.>
In the end it’s as if we weren’t a 3D band that becomes 4D with the orchestra.


Sanremo is the Champions League of pop. the roll of honor of pop music.

Last year we sent the seed of this song to Amadeus, it was only the one-minute chorus, but perhaps it wasn’t ready yet.
In this year it has grown and become A boy a girl.

In its first version it was born first from Italodisco and starting from first it was not conditioned.

things happen when they need to happen


The concert at the Forum is a milestone for us. The first Forum is never forgotten!

It will be the moment we say thank you to all the people who have followed us this far,
We thought about it with a story of our journey. A great party and we are working hard on it


An album has been missing for a long time. Ours is a team effort and it will be a team decision when to release it.

There are many songs ready, many songs that can be colored with our current palette.
In this period, however, we are focused on Sanremo and the Forum. Then we will think about the album, certainly in 2024.


April 3, 2024 | MILAN @Mediolanum Assago Forum
June 20, 2024 | ROME @Cavea Auditorium Parco della Musica – ENNIO MORRICONE

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