Frank Farian, founder of Milli Vanilli and Boney M, has died

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Frank Farian was the main songwriter for Boney M, including songs like โ€œ Daddy Cool ” And ” Rasputin “.

Frank Farian, founder of the groups Boney M. and Milli Vanilli, has died at the age of 82. The German producer’s agency released a statement Tuesday confirming that Frank Farian had passed away peacefully at his home in Miami.

Although the cause of his death has not been revealed, Mr Farian revealed that he had undergone heart valve replacement surgery in 2022. At the time, he told the magazine Bild that this operation had saved his life.

Farian founded the R&B pop duo Milli Vanilli (consisting of Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus) in the late 1980s. The group had major hits with ” Blame It on the Rain “, ” Girl You Know It’s True ” And ” I’m Gonna Miss You “, but found itself at the heart of controversy after it was discovered that Morvan and Pilatus had lip-sung to the voices of studio singers. Milli Vanilli was one of the most popular pop groups of the era and was even awarded the Grammy for Best New Artist at the 1990 ceremony. (The award was later revoked and the duo won it rendered).

โ€œ I offer my condolences to his family.declared Mr. Morvan in a press release sent to Guardian. His music will live on. We can never deny the happiness and joy she brought to this world “. (Pilatus committed suicide in 1998 at the age of 32).

Before Milli Vanilli, Farian founded the disco-pop group Boney M., consisting of Liz Mitchell, Marcia Barrett, Maizie Williams and Bobby Farrell, in the 1970s. Farian was the group’s primary songwriter, which released tracks such as ” Daddy Cool “, ” Rasputin “, ” Sunny ” And ” Rivers of Babylon “. The intro of โ€œ Rasputin ยป has seen a resurgence on TikTok in recent years.

After Milli Vanilli, Frank Farian formed the group No Mercy in 1995 with twin brothers Ariel and Gabriel Hernandez and Marty Cintron. The trio released the album My Promise in 1996, More in 1998 and his last album Day by Day in 2007. Among their biggest hits include โ€œ Where Do You Go “, ” When I Die ” And ” Missing “.


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