Sebastián Cortés talks to us about his new EP: “It’s the best thing I’ve done so far”

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Sebastian Cortes Last Friday, December 1, he presented his latest project, an EP, I don’t know what will become of us, which consists of five songs and an intro (one hundred percent real) in which he tells us the entire process that has happened after a painful breakup. For this, the man from Madrid has stripped himself naked in each composition, revealing all the feelings, good and bad, that he has experienced in recent months. And the result is nothing more than a work of introspection, generosity, honesty and transparency transformed into five themes, with which you can feel identified if you are going through or have gone through a similar situation.

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In I always remember you, I don’t know what will become of us, We want again, All the Love We Have Leftover and It hurts me even to think about you, Sebastian has condensed in an exquisite way an entire personal story that goes beyond the musical composition itself. The five songs follow the same thematic and chronological line, so listening to them one after the other will get us much more into his universe.

Among many other topics, Sebastian Cortes has counted on the microphones WECB What has it been like to prepare this EP and what were the motivations behind its composition, the differences between working with a record label and doing it independently, your opinion on the Spanish music scene and your favorite artist of OT 2023.

Regarding this EP and its creation, the Madrid native has stated that he considers that “It’s the best thing I’ve done so far…There were many more topics. About fifteen songs came out but in the end, I think that those five that I have chosen are the best. And besides, if you listen to them in order I think it makes a lot of sense and the order, for me at least, is perfect because it ends up very epic, it has its acoustic song, one on piano, which I had never done a song on piano, so I think they had “That makes quite a bit of sense.”

Do you feel dizzy or afraid of what the public’s reception might be like or what they might think, being such a personal EP in which you tell your own experience?

“Beyond my family or close people who know what has happened I absolutely don’t care and I’d rather feel vulnerable and write things I’m proud of than feel self-conscious. Because I feel that what always has to prevail is honesty,” the man from Madrid commented on what it was like to open up and expose himself so much to the public.

What references have you taken and which have you discarded when composing the EP?

“The references I have had for this EP I’ve been listening to The 1975 a lot, a bit of that 2010-2013 vibe something like that. There is also a very cool artist who has really impressed me, his name is Isaac Gracie, who is a guy from London who I had the opportunity to meet about a year ago and he was wonderful. I’ve been listening to a lot of music and finally I think The big difference from the above is that the productions I feel are higher and I am really doing what I have always wanted to do., the only thing that before if I made more lo-fi songs, or bedroom pop as you want to say, was because I didn’t know how to do anything else. But I’ve always really wanted to do this kind of thing,” says Sebastián about the artists and sounds that have influenced him when composing the EP.

Your beginnings in music were as an independent artist, first even playing on the street, and you have recently signed a contract with a record label (Warner). How has this experience been? What way of working do you think best suits you and your music?

“I really do not know I am very lucky, because I can do whatever I want. I think that The experiences are very different, depending on who you are, the type of contract you have signed Also, because there are many types of contracts, you can sign one for distribution, another that is hybrid, for licensing as an artist… But of course, For my part, I am free to do whatever I want, I always have the last word and I am the one who decides things in the end.. They have not given me any objections at any time and my experience is very good. But It is well known that not all experiences are this good, because otherwise everyone would be independent and else. But well, I think it also has a lot to do with the artist, the moment you are in, if you need financial support behind, if you don’t need financial support behind because you are lucky enough to be able to invest in your own project… Things are certainly changing, if not they have already changed completely and I simply believe that, for me at least, it has become a good ally and I believe, and I can say, that my experience, so far, is quite positive“. explains the singer of La Posada about his experience working with a record company.

How do you see the current Spanish scene? What artist or artists that you are currently listening to would you recommend?

I think we are probably in the best moment. I think that Super interesting things are coming out absolutely everywhere.. I think it’s been a long time since the Spanish scene had as much focus as it does now, which is great. For example, Iñigo Quintero, who has been number one in the world. You may like the song more or less but of course I think it’s the milk that a Spanish song, which is not even a featuring, which is a kid alone, a classic Spanish super pop song and for it to be number one I think it’s the milk . But not only that, Quevedo, what Saiko is doing too, I think there is a very cool indie scene, that is appearing new, dominated a lot by girls, For example Jimena Amarillo or the Shego, I think they are iconic. I think they are really something very new and very cool for the Spanish scene. “I think we’re in a great, great, great moment.”says the artist about the current Spanish music scene.

Four years ago you showed up for the OT casting, are you following this year’s edition? Do you have a favorite contestant?

“I’m watching the galas, I’m not following the 24 hours. I think that for 24 hours I only followed the Alba Reche edition, the one from 2018. I think that was the only one I followed, because the first one I arrived super late, I got hooked as I was when there were three galas or so left. But yes, I am following it, not one hundred percent, but yes. My favorite, I don’t know the names, but I am between three, which would be Paul, Violeta and another girl whose name I don’t remember…and Naiara. And I like Chiara too. “Those are my favorites,” he confesses. Sebastian.

For those who have been moved I don’t know what will become of us and want to listen to it live, 2024 will be your lucky year, because Sebastian Cortes has already confirmed six dates next year. The Madrid native will begin the tour in Valencia on February 23 and the next day he will be in Barcelona. In the month of March, he will play on the 1st in Seville, on the 2nd in Madrid, on the 15th in Zaragoza and will close the tour on the 16th in Bilbao.

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Tickets for all dates of the tour are now on sale and can be obtained from the link provided by the owner himself. Sebastian has left in his Instagram bio.

And you, have you already heard the new songs of Sebastian Cortes?


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