Video interview – DANI FAIV a journey to the “Ultimo Piano” (Track by track)

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Dani Faiv’s new recording project is entitled “Ultimo Piano”.

An almost concept album where Dani goes up in an elevator, song after song, up to an idealized “Ultimo Piano”

Sometimes throwing yourself into life makes you experience victories that you didn’t even expect but I can only throw myself in if I’m on the top floor.”

Started from the ground floor. There wasn’t even a choice. Now the view is stunning. But heights are scary.

The cover is a perfect metaphor of life for an album that puts authenticity and sincerity first, almost as if to observe what we have left behind by symbolically moving to a higher level of our journey, from which we observe everything with a completely different filter.

“Ultimo Piano” (out Friday 15 December) arrives at the end of a very rich year which saw him return to the scene last March with “Teoria del Contrario Mixtape Vol.2”.


There are many prestigious collaborations on the album, as in the track of the same name “Ultimo Piano” produced by Salmo, the album’s manifesto.

As Dani Faiv explains, the final plan is not the end point, but it is

where I am right now, because I achieved what I wanted to achieve, from doing the job of a rapper, to having a wonderful partner, to essentially being satisfied with who I am today and feeling good about myself.”

“Ultimo piano” brings together different productions – from Strage to Salmo, from Kanesh to 20jac – making listening extremely varied and never the same, both in the beat and in the mood of each single song. “I don’t need to make a scene”: the album opens with this verse and with “RAGNATELA” (prod. 20jac, Bryanmelz, 1gyard), an «exercise in style», as Dani Faiv himself defined it, which sets the concept of the album was immediately clear.

From here we set off on a real musical journey. We met him and with him we went up on his musical elevator to the Top Floor!




1) SPIDER WEB (prod. 20jac, Bryanmelz, 1gyard)

I wanted to open the album with an exercise in style and at the same time with one of the two manifesto tracks on the album. Here I’m talking about authenticity: “I don’t need to make a scene”, because I’m happy with what I have and with what I’ve achieved so far. It opens the circle that closes the last track “Ultimo Piano”.

2) CHRISTMAS (produced by Kanesh)

My tribute to Totò Di Natale, the great Italian striker and champion of Udinese, a symbol in my opinion of the great underrated champions. I am a great football fan and this was a significant and fun collaboration, with Totò who was very helpful in making the video.

3) ETA feat. Geolier and JBalvin (produced by Strage)

“ETA” is the abbreviation of EMOM – TABATA – AMRAP, which are 3 circuits used in free body training. My punchlines and those of Geolier and JBalvin alternate on the beat, on a production that makes the song a live banger, designed to give energy during concerts and beyond.

4) SAILING BOAT feat. Silent Bob (produced by Strage)

It is the most conscious piece on the album, which talks about a tormented love, a theme that is summed up in the line “the more you hate the more you give me / it seems like a swing to me”. The choice to call Silent Bob to collaborate on this is dictated by the way in which he manages to go in depth on certain themes.

5) BOOTY feat. Villabanks (produced by Tisci, Frnk88, Lynch, Kanesh)

The piece was written directly together with Villabanks, during a writing session together with the producers of the piece. “Booty” is a club song that alternates melody with straight and raw rhymes that give no concessions to anyone.

6) ESSENTIAL feat. Federica Abbate (produced Strage)

This song was born from the challenge of wanting to marry a style completely different from mine without distorting it, and without distorting Federica’s. In fact, rap and pop coexist in the song: on the one hand there is a groove that makes you dance, on the other there are Federica Abbate’s melodies.

7) DALMATA feat. Vale Lambo (produced by Strage)

The song is built from start to finish like a freestyle in which my punchlines and those of Vale Lambo alternate, between football teasing and no-holds-barred rhymes.

8) LAST FLOOR (produced by Salmo)

I’m happy to meet Salmo again, who produced this piece and gave it a cinematic character. The song talks about the concept of the album: the “top floor” is where I have arrived at this moment, that is, I have achieved what I wanted to achieve, from doing the job of a rapper, to having a wonderful partner, to being essentially satisfied .





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