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With Invocations, Serj Tankian leaves aside his committed rage to make his esoteric inspirations speak with great beauty.

Going out of the box is a constant at Serj Tankian, who became famous following the explosion of System of a Down at the end of the 90s. If the Californian group has been desired for almost twenty years, its singer continues to amaze with a colorful and surprising solo career. In Invocations, his new live album, no rock group to accompany him or hits to perform. A string ensemble, piano, choir and guest vocalists do the trick. The atmosphere is one of contemplation and introspection, with music “that plays on the deep strings of the heart at a tempo that invites the heart and mind to wander.”

Serj Tankian thus swaps the decadent system for Dead Can Dance ambiances, in a series of ethereal and beautiful compositions. The progression is slow, clear and smooth. Here and there we can distinguish a few nuggets coming to surprise the spiritual communion, in particular black metal howls placed on oud notes, before an explosive finale. The dominant element remains the majestic voice of the maestro. His instantly recognizable timbre continues to work wonders, with an interpretation that is sometimes powerful, sometimes nuanced. Oriental influences blend wonderfully with the classical direction.

Multiple artist escaping conventions, Serj Tankian remains in constant movement and takes pleasure in placing himself where we least expect him. No matter if Invocations does not correspond to the expectations of metal fans, the artist continues his journey with talent and determination.

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Invocations is available

Here is the tracklist:
  1. Green Mountain
  2. Free The Piano
  3. Der Voghirmia
  4. Aurora’s Dream
  5. Fragile
  6. Rembetica
  7. Gaia
  8. Ghost In The Machine
  9. Five Heads
  10. Desara
  11. Moment
  12. Kul Ena
  13. Stringopolous
  14. Sad Romance
  15. Flying Phone Medley

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