Shawn Mendes has returned to the recording studio and Ana Torroja has reacted: “It already made me cry”

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Shawn Mendes The year began in Costa Rica, the same destination chosen by Aitana and that coincidence sparked many comments and desire to see them together in some collaboration. Along with their respective reels they both wrote: “Pura vida.” And although it seems that they agreed, the truth is that it is a very common phrase in that country that everyone who visited ends up saying every now and then.

In any case, Aitana has announced surprises for these first months of the year and Shawn Mendes just announced a news which has fueled, even more, the rumors of this possible collaboration.

Shawn Mendes has published a reel of images on his Instagram in which we can see him in the recording studio guitar in hand, playing the piano or messing around with the computer. Come on, he’s got to work.

Shawn Mendes sings again to share a beautiful lesson: “There is always something to listen to”


“Creating art can be difficult… I have often found myself falling into a pattern of waiting for inspiration to strike before picking up the guitar or sitting down at the piano. Over time I remember how important the willingness to simply show up is.”, he explained along with the images among which we can see a video in which we can now hear a new melody.

It seems that he has gotten tired of inspiration coming and has gone to look for it and… surprise, it has appeared. It seems that she has it clear: “How to show up and try even with nothing It’s like sending a message to heaven that says ‘I am here, willing and open’ and usually that’s when my hands stumble on a special little chord or my voice on a melody I like. 🌌”.

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What has not been made clear is whether this new melody will be a future collaboration or not. Maybe it’s too early to tell you, but the important thing is that there is new music on the way and even Ana Torroja He has reacted to what we have been able to hear: “I love that… It already made me cry❤️”.


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