Sigur Rós ATTA


You will take a walk through the moor, take a deep breath and let your senses light up.

It seems like yesterday when Sigur Ros public KveikurHowever, 10 years have passed since that moment. During this decade we have experienced countless real (southern) moments that have incited us to reflect and sharply question what we are, what we do and where we are going. Being exposed and vulnerable one seeks to find peace in the midst of so much chaos to break with reality and immerse ourselves in a fantasy world.

Since the 90s, the Icelandic group has been in charge of protecting us from the precarious world with a handful of orchestral pieces and arrangements that make us dream and live our own world. ATTA, their new studio album, serves a similar function. If you are looking to let your imagination fly or, your task is to stop regretting; this LP is for you.

The new of Sigur Ros presents the return of Kjartan Sveinsson, who had given up on the project a decade ago. Now, together with Jónsi, Georg Holm and the producer Paul Corley, deliver a 10-track material that will bring a little beauty to your life; because yes, music has the power to beautify even the most miserable and dark thoughts.

BMG Rights Management receives this album material that fuses the talent of the triad with the London Contemporary Orchestra and which, in turn, serves as a watershed to rediscover concepts such as hope, strength, resurgence, anxiety and misery.

ATTA It is an Icelandic word whose meaning in Spanish is eight; number associated with the idea of ​​being a little more analyst in this world. If everything is correct, the album works under a similar premise; It takes us away from thoughts about the future, questions us if it is good to talk about it, gives us a review of time and allows us to observe the present with caution.

ANDThis new journey begins with “Glóð” to be able to feel embraced between sparks of happiness; yes, happiness at its finest. You will have to wipe your eyes to receive “Blóðberg”; a semi-precious gem of protection that you will worship for the rest of your life. (Watch the video made by Johan Renckdirector of the series HBO Chernobyl).

To the extent that ATTA moving forward feels like trying to breathe in hell; You go through a complex climax like life itself, however, you can still perceive that mystical softness in the air that only Sigur Ros can offer you with “Skel”, “Klettur”, “Mór” and “Andrá.”

In the final stretch you will feel how the shine of gold radiates before falling into this enormous loop from which it will be difficult for you to get out. It’s time to reflect at the rhythm of “Gold”, “Ylur”, “Fall” and “8”. Everything will begin again, but in the meantime, daydream and let the magic of Sigur Ros always accompany you.


Written by

Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson is a dedicated writer and key contributor to the WECB website, Emerson College's student-run radio station. Passionate about music, radio communication, and journalism, Christopher pursues his craft with a blend of meticulous research and creative flair. His writings on the site cover an array of subjects, from music reviews and artist interviews to event updates and industry news. As an active member of the Emerson College community, Christopher is not only a writer but also an advocate for student involvement, using his work to foster increased engagement and enthusiasm within the school's radio and broadcasting culture. Through his consistent and high-quality outputs, Christopher Johnson helps shape the voice and identity of WECB, truly embodying its motto of being an inclusive, diverse, and enthusiastic music community.