Sonia Gómez (ex Sweet California) confesses that one of her bandmates has encouraged her with her solo career

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Sonia Gomez He has returned to the music scene, but this time he will pursue his solo career. The one who was a member of Sweet California He just released his first single, Like you none. Now, the composer has come to the WECB editorial office to tell us What this time of hiatus has been like for her, her future projects and her experience with mental health during her career.

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First of all, how are you? What is it like to be back in promotion after this break of just over a year?

Very good, the truth is that I feel like I needed it. Because in the end that’s what I always say, I’ve been doing this since I was 20 years old. My whole life has been doing this, up and down, not stopping. And the break has helped me because you also have to stop from time to time to breathe, to think about things. Also have your time to disconnect. But it was like no, I couldn’t take it anymore.

You just released your first solo song, like you none What can you tell me about this topic?

Well, it’s a topic that I wrote to my best friend. It’s a topic I wrote in Ibiza, and nothing. I was going to go alone and like the good shit that I am, I shit myself because I don’t trust anyone. Well I told him ‘April, are you coming with me? It gives me a bit of pain to go alone and so on.’ And nothing, she came with me without thinking. She was having a moment of low, quite low, she was having a bit of a hard time. And the fact that she came and left all of her things behind for me was a bit strong. I said, ‘she’s a real friend.’

And nothing, the second day I was there I got up and saw her sitting there on the couch and I said I’m going to make a topic for her and this is the topic. And it is a theme of friendship. A theme that can also be brought to the love of a couple if you feel reflected as such. But in my case, I wanted to do it by going a little further, which is not always the love of a couple, you also have the love of your friends, your mother, for example, your grandmother, your father, someone who has always been there and has always supported you.

It is not always the love of a couple, you also have the love of your friends

Sonia Gomez

You dedicate the video clip, like the song, to your best friend. How important is friendship in your life to you?

Well, for me it is super important. It is super important because it is true that a couple is there, it has to be like your team, your tandem, but notice that I tell you that friendship even seems more important to me than the love of a couple. Because in the end if he is a true friend he will do anything for you. And I always say one thing and that is that just because he is your true friend doesn’t mean that the water always dances with you. In other words, those who I consider my true friends are the ones who tell me reality to my face. I mean, they tell me this, no, Sonia, or this, yes, and good advice.

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What was that turning moment in your career when you said “I have to start doing something now”?

In fact, I had a bit of a bad time. This year I have taken advantage of that emotional downturn and my ups and downs to write. In other words, I have written many very sad songs and more about self-improvement when I started to see the light a little bit. I have taken advantage of that a little and it has been a difficult year for me, especially to be able to choose well. Because at first I wasn’t clear, I didn’t know what I was going to do, I was very lost. I mean, I started studying dubbing, I started doing more things because I didn’t want to stay stopped. But I wasn’t completely clear.

And went Sunrise —his partner in Sweet California— that one day at his house he told me ‘And you, why don’t you compose? And why don’t you start releasing your music because you are passionate about this? You still love it just as much as the first day, I see you just as excited, try it.’ And he told me that, I went home and said: hey, I still have to listen to him. And that’s it, there I started composing and there I started doing things.

So, Alba has been a fundamental pillar for you to release your solo music?

A lot of people told me that, but when she told me she was like damn, I don’t know. For me, both Tammy as Sunrise They are two super special people, super important in my life and who in the end have also made me the person I am, because I learned many things from them. And Sunrise, Above all, being the great composer that she is and her telling me that was like wow, she loves me.

Both Tamy and Alba are two super special people, super important in my life.

Sonia Gomez

A debut song of a solo career is very important. Why did you choose this one and not another?

I had many and in fact it changed every week. And one day I went with my producer to give it a little more shape and so on. And talking to him, well, I told him ‘I’m a little undecided, I don’t know which one I want to be first.’ And he told me ‘whatever it is, it’s going to be good, because they’re all great songs’. And it is true that he told me ‘this one points out ways because I like them all, but I kind of like this one’s message, it’s different, it’s like a game that repeats itself all the time.’ I said okay, ok, I like it. And then, well, I started testing people. I mean, I’m a big fan of testing people.

With the group, what has always identified you most is pop, but you have always preferred pop/rock and this is your first single. Are you going to focus your career on this genre?

Yes, it is true that I am going to go there because in the end they are my roots, what I have always listened to, what I wear in my house.

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Singing in English has always been part of your career. Do you plan to release something in that language or focus on Spanish?

At the moment everything is in Spanish in my head. Because in the end it is the most natural way that comes to me to write and in the end I say my vocabularies and my slang in Spanish, not in English.

In a podcast you said that you had planned your next single. Anything you can tell us about?

It’s going to be very soon, very soon, very soon. It won’t be in 2023, but let’s see, there is a month and a half left. Having said that, you can get an idea (laughs)

And is it going to be another solo song or collaboration?

For now I’m alone again. I’m already there with the production of the song and I’m already there racking my brain and looking for permissions and things for the video clip

You have experienced the change from a single could last months to this change in which new music is requested every week. How do you see it?

Let’s see, it’s hard, this is hard because making a song is hard. I mean, I mean, it’s not something you do in five minutes. We, for example, have always loved doing things well and I have that on my mind. This has to be done with love, with care, because in the end you can see the result and having to make songs like churros is a bit stressful. But hey, in the end you have to adapt.

It is true that even if I try a little to go with the wave because in the end that is what is popular now, due to everything, the spontaneity and immediacy of what social networks are putting into our brains. Well, even if that’s the case, I will try to give each single some life. I mean, I doubt I’ll get one a month because if not I’ll die.

Making songs like churros is a bit stressful

Sonia Gomez

Do you plan to do collaborations? Who would you like it with?

Yes, I have several thoughts. I’ve already talked to a wonderful girl. And nothing, I told him that as soon as this launch was finished and everything Like you, none and the whole promo ended and so on. Well, I would sit down with her, we would do the little song and so on. So she is already, she is already on her way.

Do you care a lot about streams?

Let’s see, I’m not going to lie to you, yes. I mean, in the end I think it would be hypocritical to tell you that I’m not interested in them, that I don’t care about them. Because in the end it is your music and as much as we don’t want to think all the time about what others will think, unconsciously you do. And in the end it is your song. In my case I have done it with all my love, a lot of love, a lot of work, a lot of money too. And that’s how I want it to work. Well yes, I look at it every day.

As much as we don’t want to think all the time about what others will think, unconsciously you do.

Sonia Gomez

Have you financed this single completely?

Yes, totally mine.

You have been in the industry for many years and I suppose you have had very good times and some less good ones. How have you handled your mental health? Have you ever needed help from a psychologist?

Well, it is true that at the beginning it was very hard and I don’t know how I handled it. I mean, I have no idea because I didn’t even go to a psychologist. This was like a taboo thing at the time, ten years ago. Then it was like they didn’t talk about it much, but even so I think about it now and I say damn, I was very strong. Things that happened to me and comments I received on social networks and so on affected me, but I kind of handled it differently.

Today, I think that over the years, as you grow, there are things that matter less to you and there are things that matter more to you. Theme of comments and more, the truth is that it bothers me. But a little bit of what I’m telling you about waiting for others, that is, what is expected of you. Well yes, that does make me a little self-conscious.

At the beginning it was very hard and I don’t know how I handled it.

Sonia Gomez

You came to the WECB Music Awards gala. Can you tell me any anecdotes from the night? or How did you spend it?

I had a great time, I had a great time. I was very excited, to be honest, because to step on that carpet again and be there again, to go back to the photocall, to have the media ask you questions and so on. And on top of that, well, by myself, it was like wow, I’m here again, I was very strong. I mean, for me it was very strong. And then the gala, well, as always, people know, that I give my all at the gala watching my colleagues and I am the biggest fan of all and I had a great time.

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Do you have a favorite performance from that night?

I loved them all, I loved them all. I loved the references especially. That is, when I saw Abraham Mateo with that reference from the original song Maniac, with the dancer doing the same, steps, roll, imitating things from the video clip, I mean, it was like ‘The references, the references!’. Then Ana Mena When he did the Coyote Bar thing, I mean, it was like all the time it was like hell that his colleagues were harder-working and more creative, because all the time it was like that, like they brought references.

To finish, will we have something more from you this year or are you already more focused on 2024?

Yes Yes Yes. I want to do several things. Let’s see, I can’t say much either because I want to do many things and I don’t know if I will have time for when the year ends. But above all, I am focusing on the next single that I am doing next year and little by little. I go step by step.


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