Tate McRae: the hit “Greedy” is a hit

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Tate McRae’s hit “Greedy” continues to top the charts since its release in mid-September. The song is occupying the best places in the rankings.

She’s a hit on TikTok and her rise shouldn’t stop any time soon. Tate McRae triumphs with his hit “Greedy”.

The hit revealed last September 15 is currently in first place in the overall Top 200 of the “Billboard”, dethroning on November 21 the Korean Jungkook and his song “Standing Next To You”. The title “Greedy” has also been at the top of the streaming platform trends for two consecutive weeks.

Like Jungkook, Tate McRae is an artist with many hats. A talented pop singer and dancer, the singer of “Exes” is making headlines at the end of the year.

The success of his song already places him among the big pop stars. Better ranked than “Houdini” by Dua Lipa or even “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift, the Canadian signs a tour de force, which assures her a promising future.

A success thanks to the “Tube Girl” trend »

The singer’s swaying hips and voice are not the only ingredients of the success of “Greedy”. She was able to count on the “Tube Girl” trend, launched by British influencer Sabrina Bahsoon, which consists of filming herself in selfie mode, with a wide angle, while walking like a fashion model in the metro .

Many Internet users began to take up Sabrina’s TikTok, which turned into a real trend through “Greedy”, giving the song the hit stage that we now know.

A virtuous circle, because the influencer who launched this trend is now the face of a major cosmetics brand.


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