Star Academy: the 2023 class album is finally out!

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Indochine, Kyo or even Céline Dion, discover the entire tracklist of songs recorded in the studio by Star Academy 2023 students.

This year, Jean-Jacques Goldman is in the spotlight in the Star Academy 2023! Indeed, since the beginning of the adventure, the students of the class have not failed to open each bonus with the famous song “Au bout de mes rêve”. After several weeks of waiting, the complete album of the inhabitants of the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys is finally revealed. To the delight of viewers, it will be released on Friday December 8, 2023. So what to expect?

Tracklist for “Star Academy” album 2023

“Sous le vent” by Céline Dion, “J’ai aske à la lune” by Indochine or even “Disenchantée” by Mylène Farmer, the future stars reinterpret unforgettable titles that we all know! For this, the album focuses solely on hits released in the 90s. In duet or trio, each song promises to make us sing at the top of our lungs. In addition, the anthem “At the end of my dreams” will be offered in karaoke version.

Trackslist for the “Star Academy 2023” album

  • ” At the end of my dreams “
  • “The path” (Lénie & Pierre)
  • “So look” (Héléna & Julien)
  • “I asked the moon” (Lénie & Victorien)
  • “Under the wind” (Clara & Julien)
  • “Jacques said” (Candice & Pierre)
  • “Disenchanted” (Axel, Lola & Marie-Maud)
  • “Talk to me” (Margot & Victorien)
  • “Die tomorrow” (Axel & Héléna)
  • “Don’t hold back your tears” (Clara, Djebril & Marie-Maud)
  • “Bye-bye” (Louis & Margot)
  • “At the end of my dreams” (Karaoke version)

While there are only nine students left, preparations for the next bonus continue! On the program this Saturday, December 9 on TF1: many singing stars are expected such as Loreen, Véronique Sanson and Calogero.


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