SUBSONICA “Mattino di Luce” is the new single (Watch the video)

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Morning of Light is the title of the new Subsonica single. The song anticipates the tenth studio album “Augmented Reality” (out January 12, 2024).

Metamorphosis: transformation of a being or object into another of a different nature”.
Stars are born inside enormous unstable clouds formed by gas and dust called nebulae, where gravitational attraction forces act and where the matter becomes increasingly hotter as it thickens.”
During its life the butterfly undergoes various metamorphoses which lead it to change several times.”

“Morning of light” talks about the need for a transformation: from a condition of instability and discomfort towards the search for balance and peace. The song also touches on a more specific topic: the path that leads a person to free themselves from the gender role that was assigned at birth, to live fully in the gender with which they identify.

Subsonica say:

Incongruity, dysphoria or gender transition are topics surrounded by hasty, often repressive and violent prejudices, which do not take into account the discomfort, suffering and authentic needs of those who experience them and face them on a daily basis. In “Preso blu”, one of our first songs, we talked about the “fear of the different” as “fear of the possible”. We continue today, with new words and new looks, to tell stories of diversity and the need for freedom.”

“Mattino di luce” is a song to dance between Italian-dance suggestions and space-rock distortions, between acoustic percussion, wind instruments and synthesizers. Produced by Max Casacci and Subsonica, recorded at Andromeda Studio Turin and mixed in London by Marta Salogni (who has collaborated with Depeche Mode, Bjork, Bon Iver among others).


The video clip, shot by Donato Sansone with the help of artificial intelligence, sees the band performing in an aseptic place in front of a transforming figure.
The director says

This piece gives a look towards a way of conceiving oneself completely free from cultural conditioning, and which I tried to delicately touch with a simple and intimate video. From a technical point of view, I looked towards AI for the first time, with a very aesthetic – rather than generative – use of forms and contents.”


Augmented reality” is an album of eleven songs written over 2023, which have absorbed a lot of reality in the sounds, rhythms and words. A reality whose effects have increased significantly in recent years.

A reality that has locked us at home for months, revealing all the fragilities of a globalized present, which exposes us to extreme climate effects, which has returned to shock us with wars and which knocks on our borders with a daily life full of misery, hope and despair.

An “augmented reality” to which, paradoxically, we have begun to respond with growing disperception between denials, distorted readings, virtual escapes and lack of humanity.

This “augmented reality” would seem to push us towards individual and individualistic isolation, rather than suggesting collective actions and responses, the only ones capable of protecting us since we have inhabited this planet. The songs on the album zoom between pixels of everyday life and cosmic visions, between luminous energies and shadows, between present and future, always traveling on an enveloping rhythmic track.


3 April – Mantua @ PalaUnical
4 April – Milan @ Mediolanum Forum
6 April – Conegliano (TV) @ Zoppas Arena
8 April – Rome @ Palazzo dello Sport
10 April – Bologna @ Unipol Arena
11 April – Florence @ Nelson Mandela Forum
13 April – Turin @ Pala Alpitour

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