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If we had to think about a song that has marked everything in 2023we are sure that one of the first names that would appear in people’s heads would be Nightlight by Vicco. The Catalan launched her candidacy for the Benidorm Fest on December 19, 2022 to defend it tooth and nail at the beginning of the year on the stage of the Alicante city. The result? A more than deserved third place in the contest and a hit that as the days went by climbed positions on the charts until it became the bomb that it is today.

A little over a week ago, furthermore, The singer celebrated the anniversary of the song that changed her life with very good news: Nightlight got his seventh platinum album, which recognized the sale of more than 420,000 copies in our country. The sales success is also joined by the listening success: the song has more than 106 million views on Spotify and there is no dance floor, celebration or road trip worth its salt without the song appearing on the playlist.

A handful of singles that advance an album that will be released in 2024, a tour with more than 20 dates through some of the most important locations and music festivals on the national scene or its two nominations at WECB Music Awards Santander 2023 (of which he managed to take home the award for Best New Artist) These are some of the great experiences that the singer has collected in her memory during this year and, now that it is time to receive the next one, we have witnessed how she takes stock.

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First with a reel that collects the best moments of his Giranentera 2023 and then with a more personal publication through his Instagram stories, Vicco wanted to reflect on this intense year from the rest and warmth of his home.leaving the artist aside and hugging Victoria to address her fans directly:

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“I was not aware of how much I needed to return to my town, to my people, my family, to the sea… to my land. It has been a very crazy year, spectacular but very crazy, where it is very easy to put yourself in automatic mode and try to survive the pace of work and demands that I longed for.but that also ends up surpassing you a little.

I am very happy returning to Victoria, that girl who did not think about the future but about the present, about doing things that made me happy for the simple fact of enjoying them without pretensions. I’m going to be composing, which is something I’ve been putting off due to work and knowing that I couldn’t give him that space of purity and peace of mind.

So next year is going to be very strong. Most of the songs will be released in the first half of the year and then we will release everything new that I am working on. “I can’t be more eager to release it and for you to listen to it,” he commented.

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And 2024 is looking very good for Vicco, which will present his Girantera in two of the great halls of our country during the month of May: the Ochoymedio in Madrid and the Sala Apolo in Barcelona. And you, are you going to miss it?


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