“Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour”: how Taylor Swift sets the mood in cinemas

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It was widely anticipated by Swifties around the world, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” was released on October 13 and sets the mood. A real concert at the cinema, with this documentary the singer managed to make people dance in dark rooms.

On October 13, Taylor Swift fans were able to enjoy the world premiere of the film “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour”. On the program, 2h48 of show and behind the scenes of one of the most lucrative tours in history. A nice surprise from the American star who hits the mark since the film explodes the counters. For its launch in the United States, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” rose to the rank of films with the best start over their first weekend (96 million dollars). Even stronger, the film retained its leading position at the American box office last weekend, despite competition from the highly anticipated Martin Scorsese film “Killers of the Flowers Moon”. Unheard of for a feature film dedicated to a concert.

During the premiere in Los Angeles, the beautiful 33-year-old blonde surprised fans gathered in The Grove cinema with her appearance. A crowd made up of celebrities (including Beyoncé) and excited Swifties. Among them, many took advantage of the opportunity to exchange the famous friendship bracelets emblematic of the interpreter of “Cruel Summer”. But that’s not all since Taylor Swift thought of this film as a real celebration for her community.

“Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour”: obligation to party

Broadcast only from Thursday to Sunday, the aim of this film is to encourage fans to have fun together in the same atmosphere as that of the concerts. “ Eras clothing, friendship bracelets, singing and dancing encouraged “, Swift told her fans. Especially since she pushed the references far by establishing the price of tickets at 19.89 euros (her year of birth) for adults and 13.13 euros (her lucky number) for adults.

And the fans responded to all of his expectations by having as much fun as possible during the various screenings. On social networks, numerous videos have been posted in which we can see fans leaving their seats to sing and dance in front of the big screen. A warm atmosphere that corresponds to the desired Swifties atmosphere. “ By seeing a concert in a theater, spectators live a collective experience – the very essence of cinema. They sing and dance together », Explains Thierry Fontaine, the president of Pathé Live. “ They share an emotion. In addition, there is the technological showcase. In terms of sound and image, it is not comparable with what we know at home. It is for all these reasons that they move. “.


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