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Doro – True Metal Maniacs

Always a fan of typically metal titles, German singer Doro Pesch unveils the music video for “True Metal Maniacs”. This track is present in the Bonus CD of Conqueress – Forever Strong and Proud, her latest album. An EP containing the bonus tracks will also be available on March 1, 2024 for fans who purchased the basic version.

VLTIMAS – Miserere

The other project led by David Vincent (ex-singer and bassist of Morbid Angel and currently with I AM Morbid) unveils a new single entitled Miserere. We still recognize the characteristic timbre of one of the most recognizable voices in death metal, with here some touches of clean singing increasing the dramatic aspect of the track. The latter is taken from Epic, VLTIMAS’ next album, scheduled for March 15.


The French doom metal trio Witchorious intends to let the riffs speak on “Monster”, their new single. Catchy and immediate, this title will appear in their first album, announced on February 16, 2024. In the meantime, come this Friday, December 22 to see them in concert at Supersonic (Paris).

Therion – Nummo

The pioneers of Swedish symphonic metal celebrate the release of Leviathan III, their new studio album, with the single “Nummo”. This title is inspired by the Dogon animist religion and its clip attempts to give an overview of their ceremony. It remains to be seen what the staging will look like during their next visit to Paris, scheduled at La Machine du Moulin Rouge on February 25, 2024.

Revolution Saints – Against the Winds

The hard rock supergroup unveils the title track from their next studio album, titled Against The Winds. Scheduled for February 16, 2024, it will include performances by Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake), Jeff Pilson (Dokken) and Deen Castronovo (Journey).

Children of Bodom – Needled 24/7

Discover an excerpt from the final concert of Children of Bodom, leader of Finnish melodic death metal, before its separation in 2019, then the death of its leader Alexi Laiho a year later. This is therefore a last opportunity to experience the energy of the concerts of a group which left its mark on the 2000s.


After a notable performance at Motocultor Open Air this summer, the Togolese metal group ARKA’N ASRAFOKOR unveils the video for the single “Walk With Us”. Mixing modern riffs and elements of traditional music, this track sings the glory of warriors.

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