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Ayreon – The Sixth Extinction

Proud representative of progressive metal, Arjen Lucassen only gives very rare concerts with his flagship project Ayreon, the fault of the too large presence of performers on stage. At the end of 2023, however, there were six concerts over three days to perform the album 01011001 in its entirety. Discover the first excerpt from the recording of these last two evenings, with the epic “The Sixth Extinction”. See you on May 17 for the release of Live Beneath the Waves.

Thundermother – Speaking of the Devil

Electric atmosphere with the new music video from the Swedes of Thundermother, posing images on “Speaking of the Devil”, second single to be released since the almost complete change of personnel, leaving only the guitarist and founding member Filippa Nässil in post. An energetic title that lets you imagine the best about the future.

Blaze Bayley – Rage

Singer of Iron Maiden from 1994 to 1999, Blaer Bayley continues to proudly lead his solo career. Discover “Rage”, an energetic and melodic title, carried by the characteristic voice. A title to be found in Circle of Stone, his next studio album, scheduled for February 23.

Riot V – Feel The Fire

Always inclined to carry the flame, the American heavy metal group Riot V unveils a new single entitled “Feel the Fire”. An incandescent atmosphere and a terribly catchy riff inhabit this track from Mean Streets, their next studio album, which is scheduled for release on April 12.

Kataklysm – Goliath

It’s time to beef things up with the massive “Goliath”, a new clip from Kataklysm. Coming straight from Quebec, the quartet continues to oil their guitars to give birth to riffs fat enough to support the guttural vocal parts of frontman Maurizio Iacono. To be found in the album Goliath, already available.

Vandenberg – Hit The Ground Running

Guitar hero known for having vibrated his strings within Whitesnake, Adrian Vandenberg recently distinguished himself with the release of Sin, a successful record rich in riffs and flamboyant talent. Eager to continue to promote it, he unveiled the video for the energetic “Hit the Ground Running”, available to watch now.

Sonata Arctica – Dark Empath

If the Finnish melodic metal group is determined to raise the tempo on Clear Cold Beyond, its next album scheduled for March 8, it does not forget the melancholic aspect of its music. Thus, “Dark Empath”, the third extract from this disc, shows a group that is vindictive, but knows how to remain nuanced.

Ministry – BDE

The legends of American industrial metal continue to tease their next album, HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES, scheduled for March 1st. So, here is BDE and its hammered riff, to discover now to prepare for the release of the record.

Skeletal Remains – To Conquer the Devout

Massive and relentless, this is how we could describe “To Conquer the Devout”, a new track from the American death metal band Skeletal Remains, who are still not ready to go all out. To be found in Fragment of the Ageless, their next album, scheduled for March 8.

Attic – Darkest Rites

The German occult heavy metal band continues to scream their love for Mercyful Fate and King Diamond in their new track, titled “Darkest Rites.” To be found in Return of the WitchfinderAttic’s next album, due out April 5.

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