The 2024 Brit Awards modify their categories to promote “more inclusion and representation”

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The Brit Awards are about to reveal their list of nominees for the 2024 edition. But first, the organization has presented some new features and modifications to make the British Music Awards a much more inclusive ceremony.

To begin with, the 44th edition – which will be held on Saturday March 2 at the O2 Arena in London— will add a new category of musical genres to the existing ones. They have separated R&B, which was included within pop until now. Besides, Eligibility for this award will have a period of 24 months and not 12 as previously established. In this way, if four categories by genre were introduced in 2022 – alternative/rock, dance, pop/R&B and hip hop/grime/rap, next year there will be five in total.

On the other hand, the number of candidates in both the British Artist of the Year and International Artist of the Year categories has also increased, rising from five to ten names. This amendment aims to improve representation and inclusion following extensive consultation within the BRITs organisation, relevant members of the industry and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion groups, as well as departments. regarding equality of sponsors.

The Brit Awards is committed to making it as inclusive and representative as possible. “The changes to this year’s categories are part of an ongoing evolutionary process, which we will continue to review, listen to and learn from year to year.”

Most candidates will have 5 nominees, except for Rising Star (Revelation Artist)which has three nominees.

The Brit Awards jury is renewed annually

The Brits Voting Academy, which is responsible for determining the shortlist and award winners, is renewed annually, based on up-to-date data, to ensure relevance and diversity among its members. participants. The Voting Academy is comprised of approximately 1,200 people from across the music industry, including artists, managers, media, producers, publishers, labels and retailers.

In 2024, the academy will again have a balanced division of men and women and will include a number of members who identify as non-binary or who prefer not to specify their gender, while a quarter of its members identify as black, Asian or minority ethnic background. The Academy and the voting process are overseen by Civica, an independent scrutiny mechanism

To be selected for any award in any of the musical genres, The artist in question must have published an album within the TOP40, or two singles within the TOP20, on the official list of the United Kingdom, within a period established between December 9, 2022 and December 8, 2023.


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