Through the glass. Live with 26 music and musicians from Mexico

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…Everyone has a hymn and a moment: a black stray dog, a road, one-two-three, a crucifix, a skeleton, a little rockstar, a poor beggar, a rabbit in the hat, a metrosexual, a lullaby of stars, a group of doctors in Tijuana.”

Mariana Hborn in Mexico City, with a 25-year career in radio, has marked his interest in musical and literary content. She is the author of the book Neuroses, substances and literature (Reservoir Books, 2018)in which she interviews Mexican writers and today she brings us her new book Through the Glass. Live with 26 music and musicians from Mexico.

Mariana She was on the beach ready to welcome 2020, while writing the first version of the prologue of her new book, however, like everyone else, the pandemic times took her by surprise. Fortunately for her, this situation that hit the world did not intervene when she was interviewed, since at that time we were still free to hug each other and have a comfortable chat.

A very interesting and diverse book in terms of ages, genres, styles and personalities, breaking all stigma of music in Mexico. Anecdotes that range from playing in the most hidden place in the city, to the full house of a Sol Forum.

Amandititite, Abalone, Lino Nava, Fernando Rivera Calderón, Cecilia Toussaint, Dr. Shenka, Ely Guerra, José Manuel Aguilera, Jay de la Cueva, Denise Gutiérrez, Paco Huidobro, Jaime López, Tammy Tamerlane, Tito Fuentes, Clemente Castillo, Pato Machete , Natalia Lafourcade, Joselo Rangel, Jessy Bulbo, Daniel Gutiérrez, Chema Arreola, Pepe Mogt, Silverio, Sergio Arau, Sabo Romo, Ximena Sariñanagreat representatives of music and a fundamental part of great hymns that have shaken thousands of souls and today are the protagonists of this book.

through the glass, you can purchase it in different formats, through the Penguin Libros México page. Enjoy this set of sincere talks and feel part of them.


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