The boom of the Sanremo Festival 2024: from the returns of Mahmood and Nek to the debut of Fred de Palma

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Just as Spain has announced the participants of the Benidorm Fest, a preselection from which Spain’s representative for Eurovision is chosen, Italy has just done its thing with Sanremo. This historic festival is an event year after year and it has been where stars of the stature of Laura Pausini have been born. This 2024 they are going strong, wanting to gain recognition and audience outside their borders, judging by the latest announcement from the RAI television network.

The roster of artists for this upcoming edition is absolutely wonderful. And it is that The Sanremo Festival has presented the 27 profiles that will be part of the contestamong which are historical names of the contest and some very interesting debuts that have millions of views on streaming platforms.

Sanremo’s great comebacks

At first glance, one of the names that attracts the most attention is that of Mahmood. After two victories in Sanremo – first with Soldi and then with Brividi along with Blanco – and is about to win the Eurovision Crystal Microphone, the singer will star in the great comeback of this season. Will he win again? Will the third time lucky thing also work in Eurovision?

Mahmood and BLANCO on the turquoise carpet of Eurovision 2022 / Daniele Venturelli

We’ll see. Of course, Mahmood will not have it easy at all. This year’s competition is going to be tough, perhaps the toughest edition. For this 2024, the Sanremo Festival will also welcome other artists who stood out in their respective seasons on its emblematic stage. Sangiovanni is another of the popular comebacks after triumphing with Farfalle (and with Butterflies thanks to that great featuring with Aitana). Mr. Rain did a very similar strategy with Supereroi this same year.

We cannot ignore that Nek is part of the official list. The interpreter of Laura is not here He debuted in Sanremo in 1993 and will return thirty years later with the one who is currently his artistic partner: Renga. They will also repeat experience Diodato, Il Volo, Irama and Emmaamong others.

The debut of Fred de Palma

Among the newcomers is Fred de Palma. This is his first time in Sanremo, but the singer is a well-known figure in the ‘made in Italy’ industry thanks to several hits from his discography, some of them in close collaboration with Ana Mena. Together with the Malagueña he made a trilogy of songs: D’Estate Non Valand, A volta anchor and Criminal Melody. Of course, Fed de Palma’s adventure in Sanremo will be alone.

Fred de Palma and Ana Mena

Fred de Palma and Ana Mena

All Sanremo 2024 contestants

In addition to Fred de Palma, Nek, Sangiovanni and Diodatto, Sanremo has presented one of its editions with the largest number of participants. Do you want to know the complete list? These are the 27 artists and groups that will enter the Sanremo competition and, why not say it, also in the Eurovision Song Contest:

  • Fiorella Mannoia
  • Geolier
  • Dargen D’Amico
  • Emma
  • Fred de Palma
  • Angelina Mango
  • The Sad
  • Gazzelle
  • Negramaro
  • Irama
  • Rose Villain
  • Mahmood
  • Loredana Bertè
  • The Kolors
  • Diodata
  • Il Tre
  • Renga and Nek
  • Sangiovanni
  • Alpha
  • Il Volo
  • Alessandra Amoroso
  • big mom
  • Ghali
  • Annalisa
  • Mr Rain
  • Maninni
  • Ricchie E Poveri

These are all the participants. Any favorites? Any predictions? Tell us!


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