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Does she solve the mystery or is she trapped in a looping dream?

Still Corners is the dream pop and synth pop musical project formed by Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes which formed shortly after fate placed them by chance at a London train stop.

The Anglo-American duo begins the year with a new single, “The Dream”. After “Secret World”, “The Dream” the second announced song from his next album dream talk which will be available on April 5th through his own record label, Wrecking Light Records.

This mysterious story centers on a quote from the illustrious work of Shakespeare, The dream of a nigth of summer: “Are you sure that we are awake? It seems to me that yet we sleep, we dream”.

The sounds of maracas and a lone guitar fall into a fast rhythm of bass and drums, reminding you of a train traveling at full speed through a desert night: “We are on a night train, heading to the far east.”. Shifting synths combine with maracas, revealing the full picture of this epic adventure: “dream within a dream.”

Filmed in England by the band themselves and featuring steam trains and a ruined mansion surrounded by vast gardens, the video draws on the duo’s deep love of mystery novels and cozy crime fiction. Murray plays a character called Penelope Braithwaite while investigating the “mystery of the repeating dream”. The people of the fictional town of Reverwood, Sussex have been falling into a trap of repetitive dreams, when they wake up they realize that they are actually in the same dream. Penelope arrives to a mysterious house to investigate.

Does she solve the mystery or is she too caught up in a dream loop?

Remember that Still Corners will be presented on April 26, 2024 in Room (A) of the Indie Rocks Forum! Get your tickets here


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