Álvaro Benito, vocalist of Pignoise, releases EP with his new group, ‘Chicle’

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Alvaro Benito has begun his new musical stage with the release of an EP. The singer and leader of Pignoisenext to Hector Navío and Juan Zurdo make up Guma trio full of power that arrives to “shake things up, eliminate prejudices and crush commonplaces” and as a letter of introduction, this Friday, January 26, they have released a self-titled EP composed of four songs.

About a month ago, Gum released the first two video clips on his channel, for the songs of loser streets and My imaginationwith a very similar aesthetic that emanates from the music videos of the 90s. And now come the video clips of the other two songs that complete the EP: Solid and Happiness. Both follow a continuous line with the previous two: Alvaro, Hector and Juan They appear surrounded by nature with their instruments and it is the visual effects that give the ninety’s point.

The songs on the EP

The first preview that we could hear of Gum was loser streetsa song with which the band Alvaro Benito became known and, with lyrics that touch the emotional fiber of those who listen to it and a very rock sound, it has remained a classic trademark of the house. Furthermore, they send a hopeful message, believing in opening new paths and conquering new frontiers.

After this first spoiler, came My imaginationwith a very modern spirit, where the guitars take the main role in the sound along with a chorus full of rebellion: I am the one who searches and has found no reason to rebel. I am the one with the murderous look/that no longer causes fear”, and with clear references to key figures of international rock such as Queens of the Stone Age, The Strokes, Muse either Biffy Clyro.

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Solid are the high-octane bass riffs along with the hard drum beats that make the difference with the rest of the songs on the EP. And the last song that Gum has presented is Happinessa single full of nuances that shows the great musical versatility of Alvaro Benito, Hector Navío and Juan Zurdo.

Starting at 7:30 p.m. this afternoon (Friday, January 26) and coinciding with the release of the EP in physical format, Gum will be in the Madrid store Marilians Records performing an exclusive record signing. Furthermore, the next March 15, they will make an official presentation of their work at the Sala Sol in Madrid, as part of the Bee Week cycle. Tickets are now on sale.

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More about CHICLE

Without leaving aside his main project with the legendary band Pignoise, Alvaro Benito has begun a new musical stage together Hector Navío and Juan Zurdo. In addition, playing the guitar and being the main voice of Gum, Alvaro He also continues to develop his role as a former soccer player, coach and sports commentator. For his part, Hector takes care of the bass and Juan of percussion.

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With rock as a starting point, Gum has already begun to develop its project with a first EP, which without prejudices and with extensive experience within the music industry behind it, the Madrid trio achieves a current sound without giving up the inherencies of classic rock.


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