The next pop Aitana: Taylor’s country, Adele-style contemporary soul or pop by Sia?

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Aitana He is already thinking about the next giant step in his discography. Once positioned as the track-breaking diva thanks to the electronic rhythms of alphathe singer – an undisputed member of the Holy Trinity of Pop in the ‘made in’ Spain industry – is now preparing for the next great era of her career.

He has not specified if his next job will be an album, an EP or a series of songs. However, Aitana has said on several occasions, also in WECB, that the upcoming project has nothing to do with alpha. For now, there are no more songs to dance to like The Angels either my love. The artist’s new work is going to take other directions and in another interview she gave recently she confirmed that He will continue working on pop, although this time he will focus on another branch of this genre which has nothing to do with their previous albums.

“I’m not going to say much because I want it to come later. I will not continue alpha because I’ve already done it. Pop is coming, but with another type of genre, another branch. I think people are going to like it a lot,” he said in the Mexican media PubliMetro. However, with so much mystery, I have started to think about different scenarios for a single question: which Aitana popera will we meet in 2024? He has flirted with the urban scene at different times in his career. He has exploited his side of pop/rock princess 11 reasons. And, inevitably, the most international electronics game has been passed with alpha. Therefore, what will be the next era of the singer?

A Taylor Swift-style country

A not inconsiderable option could be the pop country that helped Taylor Swift reach the top and take away an award from Beyoncé at the MTV Awards, also pissing off Kanye West. Maybe this time has passed for Aitana, but In my head it sounds very good when we imagine the singer singing songs like Tim McGraw, Teardrops On My Guitar either love story. I wouldn’t rule it out, especially knowing that an album like that of Reputation. Aitana’s Reputation Era? Please and thank you.

The most indie Aitana

Indie pop is the subgenre that I can’t quite see succeeding alpha. However, the only time Aitana has experimented with this type of music, with that unbeatable cut that was The song that I don’t want to sing to you (in collaboration with Amaia), it was an absolute yes. This option, however, I would rule out taking into account that she has said that her usual followers will like her and, although she liked that topic, it is not what best fits the artist’s fandom.

Adele-type contemporary soul

A logical path – and one that many expect – is the path that has given Adele so much joy over the years. The balladeer Aitana is liked, liked a lot, and seeing her in a pop project reminiscent of contemporary soul could be a great success.. A beneficial change for their discography and totally complementary to alpha when it’s time to pay a ticket to see her live at one of her concerts. And we saw the proof that he is so good at it in his Triumph operation and his version of Chasing Pavements…Other references to take into account for this artistic leap? John Newman and James Arthur. Doesn’t sound bad at all, right?

A subgenre called Sia

Lastly, and here could be the key to everything, is Sia. It’s no secret that Aitana adores her above all things. At the Academy she repeated her name ad nauseam and, as if that were not enough, she dared to Cheap Thrills at Gala 10 OT 2017. Knowing that the Australian has always moved through different genres within pop, standing out for her powerful ballads and more uptempo songs, she couldn’t stop thinking that Aitana could pull off that one. A4 for the pop subgenre that has no face, but a wonderful voice. Patented pop like pop by Sia.

And you, which Aitana popera would you like to see?


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