The ‘OT 2023’ students compose their first song: new anthem?

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The boys and girls of Operation Triunfo 2023 They are giving a lot of talk. Although they have only been at the academy for five days, the new generation has been going strong and, above all, eager to take advantage of their time in the program. This week we have seen great moments: from the first mic pass to a cover improvised from Almost Is Never Enough by Chiara and Cris.

But it hasn’t stopped there, the new students have already gotten to work and are already composing what could be the new OT anthem. The song that takes over from great songs like Camina (2017), Somos (2018) and Díselo a la vida (2020). But also classics like my music is your voice (2001), The force of life (2002) or Forward (2006).

This Thursday, some of the students like Álvaro Mayo, Simón, Chiara, Violeta and Juanjo stood around the piano, played by Salma, to show Noemí Galera what they had composed together. What begins as a melody (which at the moment does not have lyrics), breaks with a faster part where the boys and girls already sing.

This could be the lyrics of the new OT anthem

In the part where the contestants start singing, we can hear the following:

“I think about you too much and sometimes they look strange. I want you and I don’t have you, explain what happened. We are sea water, we are the wave that sounds when it hits. The erosion of your skin when you touch. I get lost and I find myself again.”

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Without a doubt, the best thing is the face that has been left Naomi. The director can be very proud of the casting she has done this year. And people really wanted to see an authentic OT and it seems that in 2023 they are going to give it to us.

We will have to wait to hear the final version of this possible OT anthem. But, be that as it may, it already points to ways.


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