The Rhythm of TikTok: discover the artists and songs that dominated 2023

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Exploring the musical phenomenon. From breakout hits to established stars, TikTok defines the sound of the year.

In a fascinating look at TikTok’s cultural impact over 2023, the short video platform reveals the year’s most popular artists and tracks, providing a unique insight into the music trends that defined the soundscape of the UK and beyond.

In this new report, TikTok displays a list of artists whose performance has been outstanding on the platform, showing the powerful influence that the application has on the contemporary music scene.

The charismatic Lewis Capaldi tops the list of most viewed artists of the year, closely followed by Sam Smith and Central Cee, whose successes resonated on the platform and beyond. Likewise, it is highlighted that 13 of the 16 number one songs on the official UK singles chart since January had their viral moment on TikTok, evidencing the close relationship between the application and the music industry.

As for the songs, the contagious anthem “Sprinter” of Central Cee and Dave rises as the most popular track of the year, racking up more than 665,000 videos since its release in June.

This year, TikTok has not only been home to established artists, but it has also been a platform for rising stars. Breakthrough artists from the UK and Ireland, such as Mae Stephens and CHINCHILLAhave found a global audience thanks to exposure on TikTok.

Globally, diversity reigns in the most viewed artists, from Kim Loaiza until btsdemonstrating the global omnipresence of TikTok.

Adam Presser, chief operating officer of TikTok, expressed his gratitude to the community, noting that “The Year in TikTok 2023 is a way to honor some of the most notable moments that have happened on TikTok throughout the year.”

This report comes after the rollout of a feature that allows users to directly save sounds from the app to streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, marking a significant milestone in the convergence between TikTok and the music industry.

This year, TikTok has become a showcase for emerging talent, contributing to musical diversity and cementing its position as a powerful driver of today’s music culture.


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