Interview with Lara91k: his time in Spain, his friendship with Duki, his admiration for YSY A and his next studio album

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We talked about her a few weeks ago and discovered that her talent Lara91K He is one of the most respected in his country. Although the Argentine decided to dare as a soloist in the industry in 2019, she had previously learned how the industry and the urban music scene worked together with Roque Ferrari, the other member of the duo Coral Casino.

In 2019, the artist launches ID and a new professional era begins that will allow you to cross off many fulfilled dreams from your list. At WECB Urban we have chatted with her about her time in our country, her friendship with Neo Pistea, Bhavi, Duki and YSY A and what’s next.

Question (P): Hello, Lara. Thanks for being with us. As they say: let’s start at the beginning. Why Lara91K?

Answer (R): It comes from the fact that he was my Instagram user, basically. And in 2018 or so, which was when I started releasing songs with this name, I had another project called Coral Casino and I wanted the people who were already listening to me to quickly associate me with my Instagram. It was a coincidence because I didn’t see this project as serious.

Q: When did you start to see that this was serious?

A: Especially when I realized that I was no longer as connected to the other project, as if I had reached an organic point of saying ‘well, that’s it’. It was never an option not to make music, so I thought ‘well, I’m still here’. In the other group I sang and composed with another person, so I wanted to sing my lyrics now more real, more mine. That was what had me most conflicted. That’s why I started as a soloist.

Q: In your life, when did you realize that you were passionate about music?

A: I knew it from the age of five, but more seriously it was at the age of ten that I started playing the guitar. It’s been coming for a long time. I’m not even that good at playing the guitar, but it was more to be able to write the songs, to accompany me. But yes, it was always in my life and sometimes it feels like my life has been crossed by music.

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Q: You have been to Spain. How have you had your experience on the stages here?

A: Everything incredible. It was my first time in Spain with this project and going to work, to connect with colleagues… I loved it. In Madrid, especially, I had a very nice response to the show. You experience everything on the Internet when you go to play in other countries that you haven’t been to yet, it’s like you don’t know if it’s real or not that there are people listening to you. It was the first surprise and that was nice. I felt a lot of energy in Madrid in the public. There are countries that are calmer. What we did in Seville was also very good. We did two songs in a tablao they set up, and that was incredible too. Like Barcelona too. Everything very cute. Super happy. And we also obviously went to meet producers and work with people there because I really like what’s happening there musically. I have a lot of admiration from where they compose, as I feel it is very different from here. It’s not that it’s better or worse, but things happen to me with what happens in Spain. It was nice to meet people I admire in the studio and outside the studio.

Q: You have opened the Neo Pistea and Bhavi shows in Spain. What is your relationship with them like?

A: Incredible. They are friends, really, especially Neo. I’ve known him since 2017 when we made our first song together at the time when everything was exploding here, the trap scene. It’s very brotherly. I hadn’t seen Neo for quite some time and it was great to share that with them there. It’s like I feel that it is not the same if I had gone to share dates with artists from Spain, which is different because the public went to see the Argentinians. They were eager to see artists who don’t always play there.

Q: You mentioned YSY, who you have also worked with on Crazy about your body. What is the difference between working with him and with other artists?

A: It’s so unique that I couldn’t believe we haven’t collaborated yet because we’ve always been friends for a long time. At this point I thought we weren’t going to do it because we moved to different places. He called me for this album because he imagined me in that song and it feels like if you are going to get on a YSY A song, you have to break it because it is a chabon who has such good lyrics… for me he is like a current street poet. I really like how he writes beyond the flows. It was an important mission for me to live up to it.

For me, YSY A is a current street poet.

— Lara91K

Q: You have also worked with Duki on a couple of occasions. How did you meet?

A: It was also in 2017 that I met him. I was already in this project that I’m telling you about and he still hadn’t released songs. He was in freestyle and he already had quite a movement in that, an audience for what freestyle was. But he had never released a song. He was a pretty curious guy because he had never made music in the studio. I think he had brought up a topic that alone, which was I don’t sell traps. She was very humble and something to admire and had a lot of respect for the people who were making music there in the genre. He came to integrate into the world of music that was not freestyle. We met at that time. We created a beautiful friendship. We saw each other many times. At the time we spent all the time together. In fact, the guy I had Coral Casino with also worked with him for a while, he was his DJ and producer. At the time, I think we were once in the studio but after a party, that is, after a while. He was left in nothing. Then time passed, we never collaborated and we saw each other at the end of 2020, when we were already starting to have some clandestine parties. We went to Catriel’s birthday and it was like ‘it can’t be that we don’t have music together.’ And then he asked me to collaborate on his album and I was just creating an album too, so it was at that moment. He is a person that I admire too much. Me to him too. I know he is very mutual. I can’t believe the magnitude in which he has grown because I saw him on day one and how he grew artistically, not just in success. He is a very humble boy, very sharing. He has done a lot for the Argentine scene, even outside. At least here in Argentina he is an important person in culture because I feel that he never stops doing things out of passion and really out of pleasure because you see that he not only collaborates with super big, attached artists, but he continues making music with people because He likes the music they make. I respect Duko a lot. He is a great person. Milo J, Nicki… are people who have been known to the public because he moved them at that time. Not everything has to do with that, but it is to tell a little about how he lives from here. Any artist you ask will tell you the same thing because he is a kid who has achieved that, representing a large part of what the young Argentine music listener is and at the same time is very generous with that.

Q: Let’s talk about your project. What’s coming for Lara91k?

A: I’m about to release a song now, which will literally come out on December 6 or 7. It’s like a bit of a turnaround because I took a long time from not releasing my own music to propose something again, to go behind closed doors to create. There’s an album coming that I don’t have a date for yet because I’m polishing it. Starting with this December release, it is coming a little more frequently.

Q: Regarding this album, what sounds are coming?

A: In this last album I allowed myself a lot of what the band was like live, of playing as a musician, you can feel a lot of guitars although not in all the songs, but it is an album that I allowed myself to play with instruments again. In this new one, I’m kind of kicking that now. There are also going to be songs with guitar and elements that will always be in my music. But I’m wanting to go the other way musically, even with other darker energies, but like not everything is the romantic song and the love ballad. At this moment I am looking for other horizons. I really like Spain, and I want to say it here particularly, which is that I feel that there are artists like RosalĂ­a and C. Tangana, super close artists who have known how to make their own hits. Their own ways of being, filling a stadium but with a very personal imprint. That is what I have been active in and I would like to continue being active here, that I feel that sometimes much more attention is paid to everything urban, what is heard around in a bowling alley, than to the most alternative issue, so to speak. The alternative can also be mainstream.

Q: How would you define Lara91K?

A: It’s a romantic, adventurous, mega rebellious style and I think it’s about playing with music and styles and half disrespecting genres and mixing them all together and doing anything with that. Very intuitive and own. I feel like I understand who I represent but I have a hard time defining myself.

Lara91K, Argentine artist / Photo: Dale Play Records

Lara91K, Argentine artist / Photo: Dale Play Records

Q: In short, we would say that listening to Lara91K is entertaining and your songs end up becoming those of others, right?

A: Fairly. In fact, I have many songs of what I was saying, about love, which for me are songs that I actually do for my girlfriend or for the girl I like, but I know that my songs become very dedicated songs between couples. That’s very crazy. I know that I am an important element of several romances. I also know that I represent a lot of teenagers growing up who are dealing with their conflicts, love, money and those issues that hurt when growing up and I know that it is my niche and that my audience has those problems. Music accompanies them in all these instances.


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