This is how Sebastián Yatra’s new song sounds in English: a theme of heartbreak

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Sebastián Yatra already told us that he was preparing his fourth studio album. After launching A night without thinking, Energía Bacana and Homeless, Yatra further primed the launch of this new album by ensuring that he has a lot of music prepared for this new work. “To those who need an album to cut their wrists, feel like they are dying, revive, heal, start over, feel that the world doesn’t understand them and then feel that the world loves them and they have a reason to be here… a sense…”he wrote on his WhatsApp channel, anticipating the topics he will talk about in this new era.

Now, a month and a half later, we have been able to hear a new preview of this album. And Yatra, in an interview with Roberto Cardona in 40 Cups from WECB Colombia, He has taken out his cell phone and played an exclusive cut of his new song.

“This is interesting because I have never sung in English and here I have the beginning of the first song I sing in English,” said Sebastián Yatra. It is then that the rhythm of some guitars and the voice of the Colombian star began to play: “We thought we had it all, and for a minute ther, I guess maybe we did.” minute, I think maybe so).

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As we can hear, it is a topic that, just looking at the first sentence, speaks of heartbreak. Of a happiness that was ephemeral. Come on, that is in line with what he said a few weeks ago about that he was going to release songs that cut veins.

Although this song is the first that Yatra releases in English as his own, the truth is that it is not the first time we hear the singer sing in Shakespeare’s language. For the soundtrack of CharmYatra sang the song in both Spanish and English. dIn fact, the English version was the one that the young man performed at the 2022 Oscar gala.

Perhaps with this fourth studio album, which comes after Dharma, Yatra wants to take another step in his career and try to enter the Anglo-Saxon market with a single. And the Colombian has not reached his ceiling and still has many dreams to fulfill.


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