Tom Morello and Ice-T take Rage Against the Machine into the Hall of Fame

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Tom Morello was the only member of Rage Against the Machine present to induct the group into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine was the only band member present at the 2023 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. In the band’s acceptance speech, he called on fans to continue to advocate for the social change, as the group had done in the three decades before their induction.

I am deeply grateful for the musical chemistry I had the chance to share with Brad Wilk, Tim Commerford and Zach de la Rocha. Like most bands, we have different views on many things, including being inducted into the Rock Hallsaid Mr. Morello. The reason we’re here and the best way to celebrate this music is for you to continue this mission and this message. The lesson I learned from Rage fans is that music can change the world every day. »

Morello called on listeners to fight against oppression in general and fight for the planet. “ The work we have undertaken is not finished. Now it is you who must testify. If you have a boss, join a union. If you are a student, start an underground newspaper. If you’re an anarchist, throw a brick. If you are a soldier or policeman, follow your conscience and not your orders. If you’re disappointed you didn’t get to see Rage Against the Machine, form your own band and let us hear what you have to say. When protest music is done well, you can hear a new world emerging in the songs. »

Ice-T inducted the group and recalled Rage opening for his shows: “ From the start, Rage Against the Machine wasn’t kidding. Over the course of their careers, they have done things that impress people like me. You can’t impress me with normal stuff. To impress me, you need things like suing the US State Department for using their music at Guantanomo Bay to torture. Who did this, Rage Against The Machine? And in 1993, they stopped by Lollapalooza, naked with duct tape. I respect this group to the highest degree. »

If you want to make history, you have to do or undo somethingIce-T continued. Rage Against The Machine broke all the rules just to let you know they were there. »

Although the other three members did not attend the ceremony, the group released a joint statement in May. Noting the “ surprising trajectory » who led the group to the Rock Hall, they declared: “ In 1991, four people in Los Angeles formed a musical group to stand where song and solidarity intersect… A group that is as well known for our albums as for our fierce opposition to the American war machine, to white supremacy and exploitation. »

We thank the Hall of Fame for recognizing the music and mission of Rage Against the Machinecontinues the group. We are grateful to all the passionate fans, the many talented co-conspirators we have worked with, and all the past, present, and future activists, organizers, rebels, and revolutionaries who have inspired our art. »

However, it is ultimately not so surprising that Rage refused to go on stage. In 2015, bassist Tim Commerford toldWECB : “ If Rage is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it will be interesting to see who shows up. I think it’s pretty obvious. I think there will be someone who will come, someone who won’t come and maybe someone who will come with an enema full of food coloring and shit on the red carpet. »


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