Video interview – ANNA AND VULKAN: retro sounds and a mix between tradition and contemporaneity


Goes out How it isthe debut single from singer and producer Anna and Vulkan.

Anna and Vulkan comes from Torre Annunziata in the province of Naples, she sings, plays the drums, plays the guitar, produces, has created the cover of her new single and is the new challenge of Pluggers.

In her first single Anna wanted to create a catchy but intrinsically nostalgic song with disco-funk atmospheres also influenced by the contribution of Bruno Belissimo on bass and a reference to “Yes I know my way” by Pino Daniele in the guitar solo.
On electronic sounds with retro synthesizers and more acoustic instruments all designed and played by the same artist from Campania, “Comm’è” speaks in a rhythmic and engaging way about the fear of admitting defeat: a move away from something and then realizing that doing without it is impossible.

These are Anna and Vulkan’s words on the single:

“Comm’è was a bit like the opening song of a new phase in my life and my music, it represents a moment in which something was unlocked from different points of view. It gave me courage. Producing it was a lot of fun, both in the early stages and in the studio. It is a cheerful song which however contains a lot of uncertainty and I really like this contradiction.”


Biography: Anna and Vulkan was born in the province of Naples. The Volcano is a clear reference to Vesuvius, always present outside the window of her house and a constant symbol of returning home.
From an early age she grew up surrounded by musical instruments due to her father’s profession, a musician and composer, and listened to Lucio Dalla, Pino Daniele and Petrucciani on numerous car journeys. She approached music slowly and quite independently, starting to play the drums, one of the few instruments absent in her home.
He then began to strum the guitar and piano as a self-taught person and to write his first songs around the age of 15. In the same period he put together the group Sonder, where he participated as a drummer and singer and had his first live experiences in small performances and regional competitions. With Sonder she produced an EP, “Come ti senti”, in the entrance of his house.
He then moved to Trieste, where he studied at the Interpreter School and became passionate about languages ​​and linguistics. After three years of university he moved to Vienna where he worked as a Brand Designer and played in a new project, once again as a drummer.
In Vienna he starts writing and producing songs independently, playing guitar, drums, bass and keyboards. He approaches Italian music, old and new, with more passion, but continues to explore the international scene. He listens to everything with interest, ranging between different languages ​​and genres, from Italodisco to reggaeton, passing through more intimate sounds and then ending up in jazz and indie pop.




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