Video interview – QUEEN OF SABA: Medusa is our acid green and shocking pink world

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“MEDUSA” is the new album by Queen of Saba, a kaleidoscope of colors, emotions and adventures.

The album arrives more than two years after “FATAMORGANA”, a debut which was followed by many concerts around Italy and a long work of writing and producing songs, “MEDUSA” is a new musical adventure all ‘teaches evolution, but always with the same clear principles in mind: limits are made to be overcome.

Medusa is a dancing maenad who invites us into a world outside the binary, where trans joy is celebrated and mental health is not a taboo topic – say Queen of Saba –

An acid green and shocking pink world, crowded with silhouetted figures, overbearing vegetation and unnatural acts. Medusa is the monstrosity that stamps and hisses from within us and tries to trace a path never traveled before.”

Among the tentacles of “Medusa” there is “ACAB (Amami Come Ameresti Bambi)” feat. Willie Peyote, a song that tells of the encounter between stories of love, revolt and activism which, according to the artists, cannot and must not distance itself from the artistic dimension, which follows the singles released in recent months.

Saying Willie Peyote and saying Turin is like saying the same thing, and for a song that is indeed a dedication of love to a person but also to a city that resists we couldn’t hope for anything better.

His bars get straight to the point and generously capture the spirit of the piece, making it his own.

We hope to soon find graffiti on the streets of Turin with the words “You are much more beautiful than a burning gazelle” – say Queen of Saba.

We interviewed Sara and Lorenzo, here’s what they told us.




Aliens in a world that pushes towards binarism, Queen of Saba present themselves with colorful impetuosity to dismantle gender dogmas and explore the infinite nuances of music. Electronic duo with an analog soul composed of Sara Santi and Lorenzo Battistel, they feed on Neo-Soul, alternative R&B, Disco Pop, Hip-Hop and Indietronica influences. They made their live debut in April 2019. After the release of 5 singles in English, in June 2021 they released “Fatamorgana”, an album of 9 tracks in Italian, and in March 2022 the single “Pesca Noche” in collaboration with Ganoona, a Milanese artist. The duo fits into the independent Venetian context of La Colletta Dischi, a newly formed label of which they are co-founders. In the summer of 2021 they organized a 35-date tour throughout Italy. Queen of Saba’s 2023 begins with the release of several singles and a summer tour that took them around the peninsula, waiting for the new album “MEDUSA” out on Friday 13 October.



Sting Arena Paris 03/12/2023

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