Chronicle of the Alpha Tour: Aitana says goodbye to the Wizink Center in Madrid with a magical night and a stadium on the horizon

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This is the last night of the year here in my country, in Madrid, you already know that I also feel like I am from Madrid.: I’ve been living here for five years and this is the last time I’ll be on the Wizink in quite some time, because I don’t know if next year I’ll do another Wizink, I don’t know. Yes, I know that I am going to do other festivals and other things, but I don’t know how long it will be until I meet this incredible venue again, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here tonight. “Tonight is to have a good time, to enjoy, to cry a little, too, to dance, but above all, as I have already said, to enjoy.”

With these words he introduced himself Aitana for the third night at the Wizink Center in Madrid so far on the Alpha Tour, with the feeling of living a farewell letter live as the minutes passed. And the thing is (we’ll get this out of the way in case in the last few hours you have been living under a rock and oblivious to reality) The Catalan heads to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on December 28, 2024facing this venue alone for the first time.

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But things in the palace are going slowly. We go back to the beginning. At the beginning of the show. It was two minutes past nine at night when the lights went out and the screams of the people filled the space. It doesn’t matter where you look: from the children accompanied by their parents in what has surely been the first concert of their lives, to the teenagers, young people and the most adults, No one could contain the excitement of knowing that history was being made live. A step forward in the artist’s career.

With a repertoire identical to the one he has been giving us in recent months, Aitana Ocaña has navigated the topics of alphathe focus singles between eras and the most special songs of 11 Reasons with a show whose objective has at all times been for us to shine at their side. In between, moments for reflection, to make our hair stand on end and to take stock of what your life has been this last year that closes with this flourish on a day without a full moon.

There is no full moon. Is a reality. She was there, she was there recently but the next one will come. It’s a shame he’s not here and there’s no full moon tonight but I also have to tell you something: There is no need for the full moon to shine up there if we always have someone, which is our full moon, to accompany us“Aitana commented before singing one of the great ballads from her latest album, Moonin what seems like a veiled reference to her breakup with Sebastián Yatra and which, however, makes us assure without a doubt a reality. She is not only a star of our music, she is our true full moon.

The singer has grown and we have grown with her, giving us over the last six years songs that are now part of the soundtrack of our lives. From With honey on your lips until Your ID photogoing by Butterflies and reaching up Thinking of youwe have been on a roller coaster of emotions with which we could not say goodbye to 2023 in a better way: grateful for the good things we experienced but looking forward to the next thing. The next step on your path. Your next pop evolution. All this in the middle of a real party.


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It has been a very, very beautiful year, which I will carry forever in my heart, but I also have to tell you that it has been one of the hardest.. I guess the contrast is also the beautiful thing. I always say that I am very grateful for everything I experience and being on this stage. I am very grateful to be 24 years old and to be an empowered woman, to be a woman who can get ahead with everything without any problem, brave… and I feel very proud of myself in that aspect too. The other day I saw the speech that Úrsula Corberó gave, which I thought was beautiful, when he said ‘I dedicate it to me, who is a wonderful aunt.’ I repeat it to you. I also dedicate it to myself tonight because, damn, being here in the end is thanks to you, but I say that I will be doing something good, I hope. And the truth is that I am going to remember this 2023 forever, but I also tell you one thing. Let it come now, for God’s sake, 2024“.

With his farewell to Wizink he closes stages and opens paths. In the next few days he will cross the pond again to face the second part of the Alpha Tour in Latin America, visiting Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. But when she returns we wait for her, as always, with open arms so that she can continue to illuminate our darkest nights. Her last show at Wizink remains, of course, etched in her memory.


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