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VILLABANKS has decided to show another side of himself, that of writing and for the first time he publishes a book: “THE PHILOSOPHY OF VILLABANKS” (out January 16th).


“THE PHILOSOPHY OF VILLABANKS” speaks to his fans, but also to those who have not yet had the opportunity to know him but who are reflected in the difficulties that everyone encounters or has encountered in becoming adults. Reflections and short poems that touch in a gentle but profound way on the most disparate topics, from responsibility to freedom, from love towards others to love for oneself, from social networks to loneliness.

A book in which Gen Z can reflect themselves and adults can finally understand them better and understand their past.

A book that is not afraid to use the language of its time, trying to break down taboos imposed by a society that does not know itself enough, a book that takes by the hand those who feel like a fish out of water and accompanies them in asking questions and in seeking answers outside the box.

“THE PHILOSOPHY OF VILLABANKS” also opens a crack into VillaBanks’ personal life, his past and his experience, which in this book becomes universal.


Another place in which the artist has always managed to express himself in all its facets is that of the stage and he recently announced a special live show to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the best possible way, as per tradition and as every year: TUESDAY 27 FEBRUARY APPOINTMENT AT THE ALCATRAZ IN MILAN for “SAN VALENTINE WITH THE DOC”,



From Thursday 15 January the book’s instore tour will start from Milan, allowing fans to meet the artist around Italy. These are the first confirmed appointments:

Monday 15 January – Milan – Feltrinelli P.zza Piemonte 6.30pm TALK + COPY SIGN
Tuesday 16 January – Bologna – Feltrinelli P.zza Ravegnana – 6.00 pm COPY SIGNING
Wednesday 17 January – Florence – Feltrinelli Piazza della Repubblica at 6.00 pm COPY SIGNING
Tuesday 23 January – Rome – Feltrinelli Appia 6.00pm TALK + COPY SIGNING
Wednesday 24 January – Naples – Feltrinelli Martiri 6.00pm COPY SIGNING
Tuesday 30 January – Verona – Feltrinelli Via Quattro Spade 6.00 pm COPY SIGNING

Info for the preview of the book at the Feltrinelli in Milan: by pre-ordering the book at the Feltrinelli in Piazza Piemonte or by purchasing it on the day of the event, you will receive the pass that will give access to the copy signing (1 pass for each copy purchased while stocks last ).
The first 50 who purchase the book will receive a special pass to access the exclusive talk in Milan.

Those in possession of the book and the ticket for the “Doc’s Valentine’s Day” will have priority access to the copy signing and the event on 02/27 and, based on the availability of remaining time, they will be able to participate even just by presenting the concert ticket of Alcatraz. For all other dates of the copy signing, access will be possible by purchasing the book in the bookstores where the event will be held.



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