Walls releases the latest preview of ‘Luna 18’: ‘Stay, my heart’

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Walls is about to take off with his second studio album Moon 18. On February 23, the album with which he has taken risks – without any fear of failure – to innovate and show a different sound in his music will be released.

After To my side, I’m going to waste and One more night, The Murcian presented last Friday stay, my heart, the last single from a project highly anticipated by its fans, who have been able to sell out the Sala Paqui in Madrid up to three times, which has led to the venue being booked for a fourth concert. Thus, Ginés will be performing in the capital on March 8, 9, 15 and 16.

About this new single, the singer confesses that “is in the middle line of what it is Moon 18 at the sound level. The percussion, the bass and the synth sound are very dark, but the melodies are very pop, giving a mix that I love.”

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I (also) love the lyrics because talks about love in an honest way. At that moment I decided to open up and apologize to someone in some way, insist someone to stay. “It’s one of my favorite lyrics on the album,” he explains. Thus, we find verses like “I’m like a time bomb. I feel like I’m making you pay for everything I drag behind me and I haven’t healed yet. Love, your eyes are shining and it’s not for the reason I’d like. Whenever you’re not there “I go out there looking to screw up my life.”

“It’s something that artists have: that we screw up something and we think that by writing a lyric we are going to solve it,” the author himself adds in a joking tone, who composed the song in the company of Pablo Rouss, who is in charge of production —not only about this single, but about what the entire album aims to be.


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