We talked to Ana Guerra about being a Disney girl, her experience with ‘Wish’ and celebrating a wedding at Disneyland

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We can be in the final stretch of 2023, but Ana Guerra He has decided to say goodbye in style. Her personal life is going through a very happy moment, and professionally she has been crowned the Spanish Disney girl, which will be the company’s big bet to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

We still don’t know if Ana has much to do with Asa, the protagonist of wish, but you can hear the voice of the former triumph in the film’s credits; available from November 24 in theaters. The song, My wishis an adaptation of what the Oscar winner sings Ariana DeBose in its original version, and that our Ana War He has been able to defend very faithfully.

But how did you get the offer? How has he kept the secret for so long? We spoke with the singer about this new project, if she has discussed it with some of her colleagues. Triumph operation your entry into the Disney world and, why not, we suggest celebrating your wedding at Disneyland. Interview in!

What was your reaction to this opportunity?

When they called me to tell me, I was at home. I remember I had a meeting, and they were scolding me for not getting into it. I didn’t care. They told me that they had the entire Merchandise Department waiting for the meeting about my album and I said, “I just can’t, you just don’t know what he’s telling me, I can’t hang up on him.” So it was like pressure on both sides… I said, “I’m freaking out.” I already listened to Disney, the movie and something from Wish and I said, “yes, whatever, I’m with you, it makes me very excited.” I know very well how they work because I have worked with them before, and it was like yes, everything, everything you need. What do you want me to do the shooting and I do the handstand for you? I do.

Ana Guerra in the studio recording ‘Mi Deseo, the song from ‘Wish’. / disney

Had you followed the film closely then?

No, the trailer had come out, but I didn’t, I didn’t know the movie. They explained to me everything I had to do and everything they wanted to talk to me about, which made me very excited because not only is it the credits song, which was what was initially planned, but it also did a version of the main song called This Wish. And more things that are being invented that I can’t tell you that are wonderful. This is being a wish.

As you say, you have recently worked with Disney, although it was to sing for Pocahontas at the Teatro Real. As was?

A few years ago I made a Christmas short for Disney, with a song called Your Love is the Guide. And after that, time had passed and I received the news that Disney was celebrating its 100th Anniversary at the Teatro Real with the Lucas Vidal Orchestra and they wanted me to sing for Pocahontas. It was super special when I walked out on stage and it happened… I don’t know what happened. When I saw it, I freaked out. I thought, “Wow, did we do this?” Brutal.

What is your fondest memory related to Disney?

I have it very clear. I dedicate myself to music because my parents brought me to see the musical Beauty and the Beast. And I was so tiny, I was on Gran Vía, and I was very tiny and they had put me in the typical elevator, imagine, so you have an idea of ​​how small I was. And I didn’t stop crying, and my mother asked me, “but daughter, why are you crying?”; She didn’t understand it, because she has the drama part of her, right? When the father, that whole story… But it wasn’t something to cry about. And I already told them “I want to be here,” and I pointed to the seat; “I want to be there,” and he pointed to the stage. And that was the first time I was clear that I wanted to communicate something through music. So much so that we left the theater and my father bought tickets again to enter again. What happened was that he was no longer there, but he tried again.

Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast…If you had to choose another Disney movie to participate in, what would it be?

Well, I think Tiana and the toad. I really like all the blues and soul parts that it has integrated musically and I also like the concept of the empowered princess that she has as her life motto and that ‘wanting is power’ through the relationship she had with her riding father. your business, in this case your restaurant. And she represented me a lot.

I live in my own fairy tale

Disney is always talked about as something magical, but is the internal process you went through to bring up this topic the same?

No, no, I mean, I promise you that magic is created… I also live in my own fairy tale, I am very Disney, you know? I’m throwing little flowers around the world. In other words, I also generate it a little because my personality is a little like this, but among the excitement that I get from the fact that I am fulfilling a dream by making this film, which is Disney’s new bet, which is already on November 24 to be outside; Apart from obviously the responsibility of wanting to make it perfect, but, now I’m talking to you, I’m looking at the posters and I’m freaking out, you know?

Have they let you see the movie yet?

Not yet. I know a lot about the movie but I haven’t been able to see it yet, what do you think?

Have they given you a spoiler?

They have given me some necessary spoilers, especially when I have done the version of Asa singing, I did need to know what was happening to be able to vocally interpret everything that she was feeling.

You have OT colleagues who have also joined Disney in recent years. For example, Aitana was also in the credits song Aladdin. Have you talked about it among yourselves? You are now Disney girls.

No, no, but just as I haven’t spoken to Gisela of Frozenhuh? (laughs) It has never given us that way. When we see each other we ask each other other things, like how we are and that. I know what she did Aladdinwhich gave me a lot of healthy envy because it’s a movie that I love, but oh well.

It is also true that you have not been able to talk to her, or almost anyone, because Disney has kept the secret very well. What has it been like to endure not being able to tell this?

It has been an ordeal. I mean, I haven’t told practically anyone who didn’t know I had to go to work, well, to the team that accompanies me and my partner and that’s it. Because of course, it is something that is treated with delicacy, like gold in cloth, and you have to respect it that way because the entire team does it. We all understand that there is a lot of people’s work behind it that we cannot throw away.

Now that you have contact with Disney, you could have a nice wedding at Disneyland.

Oh, look, get the idea! They are listening to you (Disney)so… (laughs)

wish opens on November 24 in theaters.


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