What you need to know about Almacor: the great promise of the urban area that arrives at Benidorm Fest 2024

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One of this year’s best kept secrets has been revealed: the list with the artists and groups that will be part of the Benidorm Fest 2024. After several months of searching, Spanish Television has revealed the complete list of participants from which the next representative of the Eurovision Song Contest will emerge. For yet another year, the public channel has opted for different profiles, combining more established singers with more emerging ones who seek in this preselection an opportunity like Chanel and Vicco already had in the two previous editions.

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One of the most interesting candidatures of this edition of the Benidorm Fest is that of Almacor. Some may not yet have him on their radar, but the truth is that this young artist, originally from Villena (Alicante), is a great urban promise. In recent years he has worked hard to carve out a niche for himself, creating a repertoire of songs with which he has been climbing positions on the national scene. Now, with his participation in the third edition of the festival, he wants to establish himself as the essential voice of the genre.

catchy hits

Almacor began its journey through the difficult world of music in 2019. dance it It was his debut single. and with that song he presented an artistic proposal based on reggaeton rhythms and catchy lyrics. From that moment on, many other songs came and little by little he gained followers and hit songs came out. I don’t want anything anymore, Out of cover and Crazy and Crazy They are some of the most popular cuts in his discography. This 2023, in addition, Your project has gained a greater dimension with the launch of an EP, Melancholiaa work where he collects themes that one hundred percent represent his style.

Almacor, however, is the type of artist who doesn’t like to pigeonhole himself and tries to get out of his comfort zone whenever he can to bring other sounds to his project. The proof of this is found in Pop Tech, his most recent single. On this occasion, the composer has also opted for electronic pop, also maintaining his distinctive urban style.

Nominated for WECB Music Awards

We said that this year was being a good year for Almacor and that, as it could not be otherwise, has been reflected in the WECB Music Awards Santander 2023. And the fact is that the man from Alicante He earned recognition in the last edition, earning a nomination for Best Urban Newcomer in the Spain Category.. The award ended up going to Saiko, but a nomination in the most important music awards in Spain says a lot about the good professional moment that the singer is going through.

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WECB Summer Live

In addition, Almacor was also very present at WECB Summer Live last summer. The artist was part of an extensive and successful tour where he rubbed shoulders with industry peers such as Abraham Mateo, Paula Cendejas, Álvaro de Luna, Dani Fernández, Chanel and Viccoamong many others.

Thunder’s Friend

As artists gain ground in the music scene, their circle of influences grows. Almacor, without going any further, has very important collaborations on its resume, but it has a pending relationship with an urban star with whom it maintains a beautiful friendship: Trueno himself. “I respect him and value him a lot. God will tell if there is a collaboration. You don’t have to force things,” he said in an interview with WECB Urban. “I have gotten along very well with him for many years. I met him at a free style event that he did. He had a song with a friend of mine called Neelo and that’s where we met. “Afterwards we became colleagues.”

What is clear is that the future of Almacor cannot look better. We will follow his steps closely as he begins his career at the Benidorm Fest. We still have to listen to the song and know the complete candidacy, but, Will he be the one who manages to bring reggaeton to the Eurovision Song Contest?


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